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Six Ways Your Skin Benefits From Regular Exercise

It is common knowledge that there are multiple health benefits of regular exercise. From strengthening the heart, lungs, muscles, mental capacity, it basically improves your overall health. What isn’t common knowledge, however, is the how regular exercise gives you brighter, smoother, more radiant, healthier and gorgeous skin. Keep reading and i’ll put you in the know.

1.Reduces Wrinkles


You could have them as a result of your genetic makeup, exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun, your sleeping position, frequent frowning, old age (wrinkles are an inevitable side-effect of aging). They are caused by too much of a stress-related hormone called cortisol in the skin, which leads to the breakdown of the collagen in the skin. Aerobic exercise, especially boosts the production of collagen and elastin and the rate of new cell growth in the skin making it more flexible and supple.

2.Reliefs Acne

Acne is a common skin condition that features blackheads, whiteheads and comedones and occurs mainly on the face, chest and back. It is caused by pores clogged with oil, bacteria and dead skin cells. Because regular exercise, especially cardio improves heart function, it automatically improves blood circulation in the body. This means your skin gets better supply of oxygenated blood and clears away more dead skin cells, resulting in nourished, acne-free skin.

3.Gives instant natural glow to your skin

Our skin is filled with multiple blood vessels just beneath the skin. These vessels become dilated and circulate more oxygenated blood to your skin giving your skin a refreshed and vibrant outlook.

4.Helps prevent spots on the skin.

First of all, exercise reduces stress which plays a huge role on the state of the skin. Secondly exercise removes toxins from the skin and cleans out the pores with the sweat, this leaves the skin clearer, looking more radiant and smoother.

5.Prevents and reduces pimples

These are quite similar to acne.They are the elevated inflamed spots on the skin that are characterized by pustules, papules and comedomes. They are pus- filled spots or blisters that are caused by bacterial infection of the oil glands in the skin. It mostly occurs on the face, neck, hair follicle, chest and shoulders.

The tiny arteries located just beneath the skin are used to supply more oxygen which combined with the sweat, help in cleaning out harmful toxins and bacteria from the pores of the skin where pimples emanate from. It also boosts the circulatory system to supply nutrients that repair the damaged skins cells due to exposure to the ultraviolet rays of sunlight, unhealthy lifestyle or external pollutants.


Now you know the main benefits of exercise for your skin. Another benefit you would want to know is that exercise gives you healthier hair. It strengthens the hair and boosts hair growth as a result of the improved circulatory system. Other benefits like improved posture, better detoxification and immunity, less stress and anxiety, better sleep, more confidence, the list is long. All these benefits associated with regular exercise can only add more quality to your life.

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