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Six Basic Rules You Need to Know Before You Start Any Fitness Program- For Beginners


Fitness is important. For a good quality of life, reduced risk of tons of health problems, stable weight, extended lifespan and an overall healthy and happy life, you need to be in good physical condition. You don’t need to enroll in a gym or run a marathon to maintain standard physical fitness, fitness can be achieved with fun sports like dancing, swimming, skydiving, football, hockey, squash etc or you could incorporate more physical activities in your daily life like taking the stairs instead of the lift or the escalator, mowing the lawn, taking the dog out on longer walks, walking instead of taking your car for shorter distances, etc. All these could be done for a healthier lifestyle. But maybe you haven’t worked out in a while and you just want a specialized fitness plan that can get you results and work your various muscle groups in a balanced fashion for an overall fit body, it won’t be easy. But there are some basic rules you’ll need to know and abide by to increase the efficacy of your workout and reduce your risk of injuries. Here we go.


set goals

This will give you a clear idea of what you want incase things get hazy when it gets tough. It could be either or both long-term(your dress size in a couple of months) or short-term goals( the number of pounds you want to lose in a week)



It may not seem like it but this is very important. It is very easy to get injured during workouts if you do not stretch prior to the workout. And it increases flexibility. Your muscles get better range of motion and get to move more efficiently which means a more effective workout

3.Good posture


A bad posture is as detrimental to your health while sitting or standing as it is while working out. A bad posture will put a strain on other muscle groups and have them work extra hard to do the work that other muscles were supposed to do. This results in muscle fatigue and tension, thus a less effective workout.

4.Good Nutrition


Your body needs energy to sustain itself, repair damaged tissues from the strenuous workouts, perform its vital bodily functions, and basically stay alive. That energy is derived from the nutrients of the food that you consume, so it is very important to stick to a balanced diet that contains the essential minerals that your body needs to get fit as healthily as possible. Whatever you decide to eat, make sure it’s got protein.

5.Drink water.


Water is the only essential nutrient that is involved in every function in the human body. Water contains oxygen and is circulated through your entire being so It’ll help you stay hydrated, promote the efficiency of your organs, lubricate your joints for easier movement and strengthen your muscles for more effective workouts. Drinking water even has weight-loss benefits; it suppresses your appetite and stimulates the body to burn more stored fat.

6.Breathing Method

Most people undermine this aspect but it is actually very important as far as your health and how effective your workout will be is concerned. Pretty important huh? Thought so too. Belly breathing is recommended by experts as the best form of breathing. This breathing motion gives our body the maximum intake of oxygen because we use our belly to breathe, so it expands and deflates with each intake.


So now you know a few of the fundamental rules you’ll need to abide by to ensure that you reap the optimum health benefits of your fitness journey. Get to working!

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