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How to Get Rid of Stress Caused by Obesity in Younger Women

Being a young adult, in your prime, especially as a woman is stressful as is. But the added stress of obesity, is a recipe for emotional instability. Getting rid of this stress permanently is not easy but necessary for long term gain.
This article will be of great assistance in helping you deal with stress caused by obesity.



The first step is acceptance. Accepting where you are right now; loving your body as it is and really understanding that even after weight loss, the problems that existed before such as paying the bills, college fees and unsupportive parents will still be there. Your problems don’t exist simply because of your weight. They exist simply because they exist. Period!



If there are toxic personalities in your family, in your circle of friends, they must be eliminated. These are persons who tell you that your weight is fine and then make you feel bad when you wear a pair of skinny jeans, or that you were meant to be fat. These are drastic steps but they’re definitely necessary. You don’t necessarily need to malice anyone. Some people might just need a talking ­to and the others wouldn’t even listen to you. So you make decision for yourself.



Follow any safe and reasonable diet and workout regimen but if you have already lost weight and are suffering from the stress of all that ”missing” excess, then listen up.



There are days when your mind will try playing tricks on you. You’ll find yourself suddenly pulling back after reaching for that form-fitted bandage dress. ”Aren’t you a size 18?”. In times like these, it is perfectly okay to look into the mirror to remind your mind of what has taken place.



Like most women, you like attracting the opposite sex and might think that now you are slim that somehow guys will just fall at your feet.
WRONG! Men respond to confidence and not necessarily the facade. Your self confidence can make a man like your body just the way it is, depending on how you carry yourself. So give yourself some time before getting on the dating scene. Learn to be confident. Learn to be okay with who you are as a person and don’t define yourself by your relationship status. Doing that will only make you more depressed.
You might have excess skin depending on how much weight you’ve lost and this might be another source of your stress and unease. Elective surgery is the best option for getting rid of the excess skin but that too comes with it’s own set of issues.


Stress is not something that you should be comfortable about because, it comes along with a lot of other issues. So you need to take drastic measures once you start noticing stress creeping in. Seek for professional help if possible.
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At the end of the day, do what is best for you and only you. In times like this, the most selfish the better. Good luck!

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