4 Effective Chest Press Exercises

Some exercises are specifically concerned with the sculpture of the chest; giving it a very good look. Many of us—especially those taking their work out plans seriously—crave for a strong upper body, which is very sensible, considering the benefits attached. Chest exercises are mainly done by men, and although, some women do them now, it is still a no-zone for most women. The chest exercise helps greatly in building body and strength mass, strengthens the muscles, provides great cardio and a full body work out, etc. For a stronger chest wall, some effective exercises should be taken note of.

Below are 4 effective chest press exercises

1. Camel pose

camel pose

The camel pose is effective in stretching both the muscles of the chest and that of the back. It also makes the skin glow more often than before. To do this, start with a kneeling position; make both knees few inches apart. Bend backwards, while you take your arms behind you and grab your heels with your hands—one hand on each heel. Now, try to open up your chest whilst you feel the stretch in both your chest and back. Remain in this position for about 30 seconds or more, and repeat.

2. Lying chest fly

lying chest

The lying chest fly is one of the most effective and classic chest press exercises. It requires a pair of dumbbells, and a stability ball to rest on. Start by lying supinely on the stability ball; tighten your abs and shoulders, while you press them back into the ball. Place a dumbbell each on both hands, and stretch arms upwards. Now, spread your arms sideways, and bring them to your sides slowly, as low as you can. Then, straighten your arms above. Do this repeatedly for 10 to 15 times. In replacement for a stability ball, you can use a bench.

3. Wide push-ups

wide push up




Push-ups has always been a classic exercise for the chest, and in this case, it serves same purpose but in a more effective way. The wide push-up is done just the same way the regular one is done but with a wider width between the arms. Start off with the push-up position; make sure your spine is straight and abs tight. Place your hands wider than shoulder-width apart, and let them be in line with your shoulders. Then, press down with elbows bent, and go as low as you can. Now, push up to the starting position, and repeat for as many times as you can.

4. Cat pose

cat stretch

The cat pose is a very good stretching exercise that prevents stiffening of muscles and muscle cramps. It can be done after every workout session, to stretch out all the used muscles. Get down on your knees, and place both palms on the floor like you are about to crawl. Keep your body relaxed, and try not to hunch or slump it. From this position, arch your back as low as you can, and observe your neck stretch outwards, while your chest move outwards. Maintain this stretched position for some seconds, before relaxing and repeating the process.



Chest exercises are often encouraged, as they have very good benefits attached. They work on all the muscles of the body and reduces the risk of many health complications like: cardiovascular disease, heart failure, diabetes, etc.

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