How To Beat Belly Bloat Preparing You For Bikini Season

Beach Body Ready

Bloating happens to the best of us, but the root causes of that stuffed and swollen feeling can however be different for us all. And if you have to walk around in a bathing suit morning till dusk then the experience because all the more unpleasant. Although, a distended stomach doesn’t exactly make you feel “swimsuit ready.” Here we’ve put together what to eat, what to avoid, and what to do to support a flatter tummy all summer long.


  1. Don’t Over Load
    Glycogen, is a sugar formed when your body breaks down carbohydrates, it holds three times its weight in water, says Jade Teta, MD, author of Lose Weight Here. Any glycogen not immediately used for energy is stored in the body. So unless you’re running your first half marathon, a big bagel won’t do your belly any favors.


2.Drink Plenty Of Water
Yes, you’ve heard it over and over again but if you’re feeling bloated, gassy, or waterlogged, H2O can actually help flush you out. “The body is like a sponge that needs to be rung out,” says Teta, “and water can help you do that.”

Tips: This only works if you don’t overdo the carbs and salt. Otherwise, the added water will only pile up on what’s already been stored from your diet.


3.  Say Yes To Watermelons
As the name might suggest, a whopping 93 percent of this summertime favorite is water. The de-bloating effects of foods with a high water content work the same way as gulping down a glasses of plain H20, says Keren Gilbert, RD, founder of Decision Nutrition and author of The HD Diet.

Tips: Citrus fruits like grapefruits and oranges are other great options, as as are cucumbers.


4. No To Straws And The Sodasimages-8
Drinking through a straw can increase the air and gas you take in causing temporary discomfort or an embarrassing burp, according to Teta.

5. Chew a Little Longer
Eating too quickly can affect short-term gas in much the same way as sipping through a straw, says Teta. The initial break down of food for digestion and absorption begins in your mouth, so chewing thoroughly along with saliva production can help break down food before it starts its journey through your gastrointestinal tract.

6. Reduce Stress
Digestion is enhanced by your parasympathetic (rest and digest) system, says Teta. But when you’re stressed, it alerts your sympathetic system’s fight or flight response, which can significantly reduce the digestive secretions that help break down food.

7. Cook Your Veggies images
“The body needs enzymes to break down fiber and sugar in foods, and it doesn’t have them,” says Gilbert. “Cooking these fibrous foods helps break them down making them easier to digest.”

8. Fill Up on Fruit
Gilbert says to snack on some pineapples or papayas are fantastic during the summer seasons. “They contain certain enzymes that make it easier for your body to digest protein,” she says. She also suggests starting your day with a squeeze of lemon in your water try it warm,  and ending it with some peppermint or dandelion tea, all of which are natural diuretics.

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