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Personal Trainer Jobs in Dubai for Fitness & Gym Instructors

Tired of looking for Gym, Fitness Trainer and Personal Trainer jobs in Dubai or the UAE in general? We’ve got good news for you and we’ve got bad news for you.

The good news is that there are tons of personal trainer and fitness trainer job openings in Dubai, both private and in gyms and fitness centers. The bad news is that these jobs aren’t advertised and most people don’t have the connections required to find out about them.

This is where we come in. At, we work with industry experts and get more clients than we have trainers for. Hence, we’re always looking for good personal trainers and fitness instructors who are looking for jobs in Dubai.

Whether you currently have a personal training job, work at a gym as a fitness instructor or not – it doesn’t matter – as long as you have the talent, skill and perseverance, we’re going to back you and make sure you can grow doing what you love doing.

Currently we’re looking for personal trainers, fitness instructors, gym instructors, dance instructors and yoga experts – but that’s not all – if you have a passion for physical fitness, dedication and the will to push yourself beyond your limits, you’re not going to be looking for personal trainer jobs in Dubai anymore. We’re going to get you onboard, find work for you and promote you ourselves.

If you think you’re interested in this opportunity of a life time to turn your career around and make a name for yourself in Dubai’s fitness industry, call us directly on the number given below or contact us right now.

Since we are a comprehensive Personal Training Agency, we know other platforms which also have jobs for personal trainers and fitness instructors in Dubai. So if you get in touch with us now, we can easily find a suitable job for you depending on your qualifications and skillset.

For a limited time we are offering completely free memberships to all trainers who join, so hurry up before all the spots are taken.

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One comment

  • Irfan
    28th May 2015 - 10:08 pm | Permalink

    Dear Sir,

    As professional with 5 years’ experience in wellness and fitness coaching, I believe that my background in Group Fitness and martial arts Instructor positions could be a huge asset to your organization. In each of my professional roles, I have demonstrated consistent success as forward-thinking professional and dedicated team player. Below are some highlights of the depth of experience I can offer:

    • Martial Art Expert (kung Fu, kickboxing, Tai Chi)
    • Fitness and exercise planning
    • First Aid certifications
    • Diet and nutrition Adviser

    My attached resume will show you that I am the best candidate for your open position. I look forward to the chance to meet with your team and to discuss my qualifications in more detail as they apply for this opportunity.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Irfan Mustafa

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