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As much as yoga is beneficial, it has it’s shortcomings too. Especially for beginners doing yoga by themselves, and have no idea what they [...]

5 Steps to Rehabilitating Bad Knees

Knee injuries are any active person’s worst nightmare and many an athlete or sportsperson has had their career ended by an unexpected seri [...]

The Ultimate Guide To Losing Weight In Dubai.

Earlier this year, Dubai was ranked the 22nd most obese nation out of 191 nations around the world by the world health organization. And it [...]

Most Common Weightloss Mistakes You Should Avoid

When starting a weight-loss program, it’s the norm to get bombarded by all these myths and misconceptions and get misguided by all these [...]

Diet & Nutrition: Can It Help You Prevent MS?

The presumed cause of Multiple Sclerosis(MS), is multi-factorial, including: genetics, infectious agents and environmental exposure. The Nat [...]

The Health Benefits of Pets: How Your Pet Can Help You With A Healthier Lifestyle

Your furry friends might just be the cutest prescription for a longer, healthier and happier life We can all agree that animals naturally ju [...]

Losing Weight After 40 – Why It’s Hard & Finding What Works For You

Approximately every year, I’m sure you realize the needle on the scale is just that little harder to budge. But how? You’ve cut [...]

Healthier Lifestyle for those with busy schedules – Think Outside the Box

Use healthy-meal shortcuts We’re often told to steer clear of packaged foods for better health, but some frozen and pre-made goods can [...]

More Tips On Busy Schedules – Healthy Lifestyle

Make sure you get plenty of sleep All too often when it feels like there are just not enough hours in the day, we get into the bad habit of [...]

Recipes to Sejuice You: Kid’s Specials – BerryGood

So Berry Good Freshly extracted Pineapple juice, natural Yogurt, Fresh Blue and Blackberries   This delightful drink is not only incred [...]
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