Health & Food : Coming to Realization You’re Eating Way Too Much!

Funnily enough, we all know the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods. We understand that the foods we consume throughout the day are either a good contribution to our body or we know its so bad that you wouldn’t even bother checking the calorie intake.  Day to day we still continue to ignore what we put into our mouths, unless its burgers and chips, we like them. The problem is wherever you turn, whether it’s a trip down the tube station, a book or simply walking down the local shops to buy clothes! We are swarmed with pictures, food articles, someone always talking or crying about food, restaurant after restaurant and local corner takeaway stores.

Let’s not forget apps that deliver straight to your door, HELP!


I’m not suggesting you have to constantly nibble on carrots, there will be cheeky takeaway nights, birthdays and plenty of celebrations that will give you the opportunity to eat what your heart desires but on average we as a generation must learn to help ourselves so to speak. That also means saying no to our tempting demons when we’re under enourmos pressure or stress and a delightful tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream is our go to comfort food.

Here are some strategies you can take on board to help you through the process of a healthier, smart and better lifestyle. Keep into consideration that you can monitor what you eat both at home, at work or even on a date night out with friends and family.

Suggestion No: 1

Portions play a major part in your diet, as humans we naturally love food. The way forward is to make sure your plate and cutlery aren’t gigantic, if this means going out to buy new kitchen equipment then that’s just the way it has to be. By having a bigger plate and a huge spoon you are more prone to eating way more than usual without even realizing that you’re doing it. But it’s more than just the plates, instead of pouring pasta into the pan make sure you measure the food out so it’s accurate to the number of people eating. Sometimes when there’s more food left over you just can’t help yourself to let it go to waste, so what do we do.. add more onto the mountain that’s already on the place.


Suggestion No: 2

Instead of picking up a packet of crisps, choose the healthier option. Pick up a fruit, slice it, dice it… whatever you do, just eat healthy. Vegetables are also a smart move, carrots and cucumbers are delicious but don’t just take it from me, try it yourself.


Suggestion No: 3

Throw away the high calorie drinks, and I hate to say it but the alcohol has also got to go! Water is the best thing you could do for your body. Can any of us truthfully say we even come close to drinking the 2 litres of water that we need?


Suggestion No: 4

Kick out anyone who’s not supporting you through the process. Many people fail because they’ve always got someone bringing them down, tempting them to come off track. ‘ oh it’s just one day’ – turns into two days, then three, a month and before you know it you’re back to the old ways. A good friend will want to join in, they will help cut up some healthy snacks with you as you prepare to watch some new films on Netflix together.

Suggestion No: 5

There’s nothing like shopping, but I don’t mean clothes… FOOD! You get to experience first hand the textures and smells you plan to bring back with you. You might even find vegetables you never even knew existed depending on how long it’s been since you last shopped. Another great thing about shopping for your own food is that you can take this time to plan out your weekly meals. You can buy enough to get you through the week instead of overspending and bringing back food that will just go out of date.

Suggestion No: 6

Desserts are delicious, impossible for any of us to give them up. The great thing is you don’t have too, all you need is to think smart, make fruity desserts satisfying to your taste.

Suggestion No: 7

Exercise in your spare time, everyone knows boredom brings back bad habits. That mean going out to mow the lawn you’ve forgotten about for months or simply walking the dog and coming back to play with it.

Suggestion No: 8

Manage the time you eat, even if it’s healthy eating. Personally I’d never eat a meal past 8. If it’s late and you still haven’t eaten but there’s no time to cook, it’s ideal to keep food that you couldn’t finish before in the fridge for you to eat another day.


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