Health & Fitness : Need Help Finding Ways to De-Stress About Your Fitness?

The problem with stress is the binge eating it brings with it, we can all put our hands up that whenever we’ve had a rubbish day at work or having problems with your partner we do the simplest thing we know, order takeaways and find comfort on snacking on our favorite junk. We must vanish temptation, find ways to handle our problems without running to the unhealthy options for comfort. 

So what can you do to handle stress in a positive manor? One simple method is to find solutions to solve your problems without over stressing, every obstacle has a solution you only need to find a neutral ground where you can solve your problems. Sometimes helping solve other peoples problems can take some weight of your own shoulders whilst your focusing on theirs.  Another possibility is to keep a diary of what you eat and your emotional state during this period, this way you’ll be able to monitor the change in your emotions.


Remain Focused

You’ve got to accept that stress isn’t what picks up the bar of chocolate. What we have to understand is that we’re the ones who can’t control our problems, emotional eating occurs when one loses their ability to control themselves.

So what can we do?

Well the obvious suggestion is to take a moment out – make sure you take deep breaths in and out until you eventually feel a lot more peaceful.
Start thinking productively.

All or nothing  : Many people who fail to stay committed will eventually give up completely, they already see themselves as failures so don’t see any point continuing to pretend their devoted to a better lifestyle of fitness and healthy foods.

Conclusion : It doesn’t matter whether you give yourself a treat now and again, as long as you’re continuing to exercise and on average are sticking to a decent healthy meal option then a treat here and there shouldn’t bring you down. Look long term and don’t put yourself down so quickly.


Allowing opinions to hurt : So you’ve met up with your friends and someone has inconsiderately made a remark that you don’t look any different! But you’ve stayed true to your fitness program, you’ve eaten well and exercised at least 30 minutes everyday, what are they on about?

Conclusion: If you allow peoples opinions to affect you, the harder it will be to remain motivated. You’ll start to see more issues with yourself, this can sometimes be dangerous as you might over do how much you exercise until you eventually collapse. Keep in mind that others might have a different idea of what a fit body looks like, they wont know what you train and how hard it’s been. Unless they train just as hard or more than you, their opinions shouldn’t really matter.


Sick and Poorly : So you’ve had to take a week or two of exercising? Slacked on remaining committed to your routine and putting yourself down.

Conclusion : It’s okay to be poorly, and it’s even better to rest during that period instead of hammering your body down at the gym. This doesn’t mean you’ve failed, it’s simply a few steps back where you need to find your energy before you continue where you left. Many people will begin to feel depressed for needing to stay away from their goals, demonstrate some strength in yourself that will help you feel in control. Yes you might not be able to clock in at the gym but that doesn’t mean you can’t lift a light dumbbell whilst you’re in bed or continue to eat healthy and stick to your usual meal times.


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