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The special moments planning for a baby and the time during your pregnancy are the most precious months of your life, not only the mother but the entire family involved. No one ever said it would be easy, it’s not like there’s a manual to help you understand how parenting works but you’ll do well and get by because at the end of the day we all strive to do our best with whatever is brought before us. Being pregnant abroad can sometimes be even more stressful but here with our help for you to have a beautiful experience and healthier pregnancy as possible in Dubai.


Dubai offers a variety of pre-pregnancy counseling specialists. These one to one sessions are a great way to find clarification with all the puzzling questions you have worrying you each day, hormones going on and off like a switch, worries about your health and your babies health, life after birth. The specific counselor you choose to entrust through your pre-pregnancy time will make sure you feel more informed and relaxed at the end of each session, with their advice and personal discussion time you will come to term with pregnancy and after birth, what’s important physically, your health and keeping you emotionally stable for the wellbeing of both you and your baby.

Many families will also use this time to involve the whole family, their partner and even older children who might feel unloved or threatened because of all the attention the new baby is receiving. Your counselor will be able to help answer their questions too making this experience a joyful one for everyone.


The number one priority before or after pregnancy is to be physically and emotionally healthy. With exercise and healthy nutrition you will find pregnancy will feel more energized and peaceful. Although you wont be able to train at high intensity like you used to, some sort of fitness is essential for your body.
Suggested Exercise :
  • Pilates
  • Plenty of walking outdoors
  • Water exercises
  • Aerobic classes
  • Dancing classes
  • Yoga classes
  • Low weight training, preferably with just light dumbbells for your arms alone (you don’t want wings right?)
  • Morning stretches and bedtime stretches
There are plenty of healthy food options you can also discuss with your counselor, find a plan that keeps you happy and committed to stick to. Remember to put water first, carry it around with you if you must.

Choose a Hospital

Dubai has a fantastic variety of government and private hospital facilities that will be welcoming to patients of all types of requests. Ensure you discuss what is covered with your health care insurance, although government hospitals are relatively known to be more cheaper than doesn’t mean it will be to the comfort of your choosing. And any woman that has already gone through pregnancy will tell you that your comfort on the day is important to determine a smooth birth.

Important: Some of Dubai’s public hospitals discipline strict religious rules which prohibit fathers to be present in delivery room.


Parental Groups in Dubai

Dubai offers a wide range of classes for expecting parents. Many of these sessions exercise fitness and wellbeing for mother and unborn child, it helps involve the father to come and participate with helping his partner with routines that he might need to remember when the big day of delivery comes. Alongside the active classes parents to be will also receive emotional support, there are plenty of classes where you can speak to other expecting parents and not feel like you’re all alone. See what is working for other parents, how was their first pregnancy, did they plan their birth to the dot, did they take yoga classes frequently? all these questions and more can easily be answered.

Just Relax and Enjoy the Experience

At the end of the day, there is only so much you can do and prepare, the baby is fully in control when it’s ready to come out there is no time for what you’ve planned, the important thing is getting the baby out safely and healthy. Although being pregnant wont be easy, the important thing is to stay happy and relaxed. Bring your friends over for a movie night and bring as much ice cream as you want. Take time out to pamper and enjoy some alone time, turn on a fragrant candle lit bath and play some soothing music. This might be the only time you can benefit from buying a bell and making your partner run around errands for you.



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