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Health Benefits of Playing Tennis

A lot of people watch tennis on TV and do not realize that sprinting across the court, smashing the ball left and right takes enormous amounts of energy and burns a lot of calories. But, tennis does take a lot of energy and fitness and is a great sport for people looking to lose weight in Dubai. Here are some reasons why we think tennis is a great sport for weight loss.

  1. You have to Sprint a lot


When you play tennis, those balls are going to be flying all over the court and you’re going to have to chase them at a very high intensity. In this way, tennis is a very good high-intensity workout that burns calories at a very high rate and helps you lose weight.

Sprinting is also a typical anaerobic activity, a type of exercise that typically features an exercise performed at a very high intensity over a short period of time. The fact that tennis games tend to last a bit long, (sometimes pro games even last hours on end) means that when you play at a decent level, you’ll be doing a lot of anaerobic exercise. Anaerobics help to increase muscle strength and explosive power, improve bone density, and burn more fat.

Also, because you’re running around so much and so fast, you actually become a faster runner and a better tennis player.

  1. Good for Your Brain

Tennis equiptment

Exercise in general is good for your brain; studies have shown that consistent exercise leads to the development of the area of the brain responsible for memory retention, recollection, decision making and analysis. Tennis in particular, because it forces people to make quick analysis and decision-making to preempt their opponents moves, is particularly good and playing regularly will probably lead to improved brain function in adults.

Anaerobic training has also been shown to help counteract the effects of depression.

  1. Better coordination and Balance


To play tennis, you will have to rely a lot on having good hand-eye coordination and the more you play, the more your body will develop in these ways, and you will probably become a better all-round athlete. The prospect of finally getting one up on your annoying athlete-genius friend who’s always beaten you at everything, thanks to your new secret weapon–tennis, ought to be motivation enough for you to start taking your tennis game serious.


  1. Great Core Workout

Great workout

Because tennis involves a lot of sudden starts and stops, and twists and turns, the muscles in the core (abdominals & lower back) are constantly being tasked to stabilize the rest of the body which, of course, leads to the growth and strengthening of those muscles. You’ll develop a great looking core if you work on the muscles in the core and burn belly fat at the same time. Playing tennis will do both of these things for you, at the same time.


  1. Tennis is fun

Fun Game

Tennis is one of the very few sports that manages to maintain such a high level of physical intensity without being a contact sport. This is probably a very important factor for people who are not exactly very big on running around tackling and get tackled by other people. If you want a relatively safe exercise that can be done at a reasonably high intensity, then tennis is a great option for you.


Aside from all the benefits listed here, tennis is also a great exercise for bonding with friends or even a partner. So you can develop your relationships and gain the immense health and fitness benefits tennis has to offer at the same time.

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