Four Things You Can Do To Reduce Stress at Work

Stress is the reaction your body takes to prepare you to react to perceived physical danger; it is also the result of your mind and body being overworked. This is especially true in your place of work, where you can quickly become exhausted both mentally and physically and can result in you being less productive, and you liking your job less. Regardless of how your job makes you feel, you should know that you can actually reduce the amount of stress you feel at work, using the following four steps:

1. Create some time to work out at work

Corporate Wellness

Exercise is a well-known stress reliever; it does not have to be rigorous, intensive exercise but rather light aerobic exercise like dancing, running, spinning and swimming, which increases your heart rate and releases natural opiates like endorphins into your blood to make you feel good.

2. Take afternoon naps

naps hmmm Afternoon Nap

Taking a mid-day nap could be very beneficial for your health and stress management. It helps reboot your system so you can produce more when you wake up. Afternoon naps help to relax your stressed and overworked mind and body, and one good thing about them is that you do not have to do them for very long periods of time; a nap of between twenty to thirty minutes is usually enough for you to reap significant health benefits.

3. Eat a good breakfast and a hearty meal for lunch


When you do something you love, hormones are released into the body that make you feel good. So when you eat a good breakfast and a great lunch, you feel good because of these hormones released into your blood stream and this feeling may continue for a long time after eating, thus relieving you of stress.

Furthermore, studies have shown that those who do not eat breakfasts become cranky because of the hunger they feel, resulting in stress in the workplace if the workload is too much.

4. Have time to practice yoga


Yoga is almost a miraculous routine that helps you to relax your mind, breath and muscles so they perform better when you are done. It is a series of exercises done to have greater control of the mind and the body.


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