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Fantastic Aerobic Workout

If you can look beyond the sweat and want a fast burning calorie class with lots of music and dance steps then Aerobic exercise is just the thing for you!


Here are some of our favorite aerobic workout steps: 

Chorus Line Kicks Suggested DANCE Move

  1. Stand with hands on your hips
  2. Feet together
  3. Begin by make a small bounce jump
  4. Once both of your feet hit the floor again, raise your right leg straight into the air
  5. Remember your knee must be perfectly straight and toes pointed forward.
  6. Once your right leg comes back to the floor, prepare to make another bounce jump
  7. This time with both feet coming back to the floor to finish
  8. Repeat as many times as you can


Step Touch Suggested Move

  1. This exercise simply invited its participants to step side by side
  2. Start to move your arms back and forth
  3. Bring your arms inf front to add to your exercise
  4. Once confident you can begin to alternate more moves or use a step platform


Heel Back Suggested Move

  1. Begin by lightly kicking lower leg and foot upward behind
  2. Bring back down and change foot
  3. Remember to move your arms in coordination with your legs
  4. To advance this exercise, use a platform and lift one leg on each time whilst kicking back the opposite leg.



Step Out Suggested Move

  1. Stay in a comfortable spot
  2. Legs apart
  3. Begin to alternate weight back and forth using one leg
  4. Your other foot should continue to tap lightly on the floor
  5. Keep moving your arms to the rhythm
  6. Add on more steps when you begin to feel comfortable with this workout


Important : Warm up stretches and cooling down stretches are very important. If you’re taking aerobic classes then the tutor will teach you these every session, so pay attention and remember to do the same when exercising at home.

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