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Are You Looking for Naturally Beautiful Hair Care Treatment?

As women we pride ourselves on dazzling, healthy and enchanting long locks. Just take a step back and think how long we spend everyday perfecting our hair, a lot of people will agree that the best parts of a woman’s beauty comes from her hair.  Knowing our obsession with hair the industry is booming with ‘hair care products’ , ‘pills to make your hair grow’ and let’s not forget the 12 week appointments we have booked at a hair stylist to cut and highlight regularly. Although the demand is high we sometimes don’t keep in mind that the products we use to help our hair is potentially damaging it more with the chemicals that are mixed inside it. These chemicals can be the cause for hair no longer growing and thickness of natural healthy hair.



What you need for beautiful hair

  • Plenty of Vitamins : Vitamin in particular A – which promotes hair growth
  • Protein
  • A healthy diet
  • Nothing but water.

Hair Styling Products

Almost every product that promotes to help our hair is actually by some way or another really damaging for hair, and yes that includes dying your hair every two weeks! To have healthy hair it is important to throw away or use less of the hairspray, blow dryers, gels and any hair equipment that turns on a massive temperature with a switch of a button.

  1. Allow your hair to dry in its own time, naturally.
  2. Prevent yourself from backcombing, this is also very damaging to the hair.
  3. Try out a new hair color.. your own! I bet you’ve not seen the beauty of your natural hair in a long time.
  4. There are many marvalous old fashioned tips on curling your hair using simple sheets to tie it into.
  5. Find a shampoo and conditioner that is right for your hair type.


The Importance of Your Scalp

Washing your hair daily can be harmful as it removes the natural oils that allow your hair to grow. However, washing your hair every other day or as often as possible is good to remove oiliness from your skin, sweat and dust. A natural treatment comes from aloe vera and almond oil, you’ll immediately notice the change of the feel and appearance of your hair. I’ve given this technique a go myself, using my fingertips rubbed in the oil at the roots and brushed my fingers through my hair until it had all been covered, I then wrapped it into a towel and left it for 30 minutes before rinsing it all out. With regular use you will also see results quickly.


What you SHOULD and SHOULDN’T do?

  • You Should : Get plenty of sleep regularly
  • You Should : Be gentle when brushing hair
  • You Should : Use slightly warm water, hot water causes split ends and that awful frizziness.



  • You Shouldn’t : Comb you hair whilst it is wet.
  • You Shouldn’t : Use a hair dryer – Allow your hair to dry naturally.
  • You Shouldn’t : Use hair-straightners and curlers daily.
  • You Shouldn’t : The heat from perming hair can be very damaging.


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