Do You Ever Experience A Horrible Sensation That Your Heads Going to Erupt?

The unpleasant feeling that your brain is about to explode at any given time is in fact a well known syndrome that is literally very rare and for that reason barely documented parasomnia.



What is this Syndrome called?

It is truly ironic that the erupting head sensation is actually called the Exploding Head Syndrome.


What is the Exploding Head Syndrome?

The exploding head syndrome is simply a sleeping disorder or in other words a hypnotic hallucination. Caused mainly by anxiety, this syndromes key roots spring to life before and after sleep. The person effected will usually be alerted with head bashing loud bangs, ringing and uncomfortable noises which originate inside the head.


How Rare Exploding Head Syndrome?

Accurate data is yet to be acquired, many people simply assume that the EHS is simply just a normal headache, caused by stress, hunger or tiredness and can easily be treated with a paracetamol or two.


What Are The Causes Of Head Syndrome?

Although specific evidence is yet to be collected, many suggest :

  • Postponement in nerve sensory
  • Ear complications
  • Temporal lobe complex seizures
  • Genetic problem – associated to mutation on chromosome 19


How to Diagnose Exploding Head Syndrome?

Contact your local doctor and arrange an appointment. Your doctor will take some simple tests to ensure a clear diagnosis of your condition.

Duke Structured Interview Schedule for sleep disorders – Patient will be diagnosed of sleeping disorder.  Here they will be assessed in four modules: insomnia disorder, parasomnias, circadian rhythm disorder and hypersomnia.

International Classification of Sleep Disorders – This is a primary diagnostic that the patient undergoes.

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