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Drinking Water DOES Help You Lose Weight

It has often been recommended in popular weight-loss programs that overweight and obese individuals hoping to shed unwanted pounds should drink more water.
As is often the case, the evidence base behind this recommendation was rather scant.
Fortunately, a study published in the journal Obesity suggests the recommendation may be quite sound.

In the study, researchers randomly split overweight or obese older men and women into two groups.
The first was put on a hypocaloric diet – meaning they were eating fewer calories than the energy they were expending.
The other was also put on a hypocaloric diet but were told to increase how much water they drank.
Both followed these eating plans for over 12 weeks.
The hypocaloric diet consisted of 1,200 calories for the women and 1,500 calories for the men.
Those in the group who were on a diet and were increasing their water consumption had to drink 500 ml of water (two cups) 30 minutes prior to each of their three large daily meals.
And what did they find?
Both groups lost a significant amount of weight – 11lb to 1st 1lb (5-8kg) – after being put on the diet.
But those who also consumed more water before their meals lost an additional 2 kg (4.4lb) in comparison to the diet only group.

This could be because those drinking more water ate fewer calories during meals – tests showed they ate approximately 40 fewer calories per meal.
The findings back up previous studies showing people who drink more water eat on average 200 calories less than those who do not drink before meals.
This study provides compelling evidence to encourage all those attempting to lose weight to increase their daily intake of water to help in their efforts.
Specifically, one should consume approximately 2 cups of water, about half an hour prior to most meals.
As has previously described, drinking more water will also have the added bonus of forcing you to take bathroom breaks, thereby increasing your level of physical activity.

Health enthusiasts are arguing we should actually be eating more water-rich foods and drinking less.
Drinking water can cause it to pass straight through our system, flushing out vitamins and minerals as it does – while eating it allows it to get into our cells,
‘Healthy hydration is about the water you hold in the body, not the water you drink that passes straight through,’ says Dr Howard Murad, associate clinic professor of medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles, and author of The Water Secret.
The water in food is surrounded by other molecules that help it get into our cells more easily, and ensure it stays in our system for long enough to be put to good use.
‘When we eat water-rich foods, we absorb water more slowly because it is trapped in the structure of these foods,’ says Dr Murad.

‘That slow absorption means the water in food stays in our bodies longer, and brings a multitude of additional benefits.’

In an average day, a quarter of our liquid comes from our food. Almost all food has some water in it (even a slice of bread can be as much as 33 per cent).

Fruit and vegetables are the most water-laden, with cucumbers, lettuce, courgettes and radishes boasting more than 95 per cent.

In fact, studies show that fruit and vegetables can hydrate the body twice as effectively as a glass of water.

One study, by researchers at the University of Aberdeen Medical School, found that the natural sugars, proteins, mineral salts and vitamins in water-rich fruits and vegetables means they also supplement the nutrients lost through exercise.

Conclusion: Having water in your system doesn’t have to be by just drinking a glass of water. As stated above drinking water is extremely essential and doesn’t just give you the benefits of drinking water but also tells you all the ways you can consume water for a healthier more active lifestyle.

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