Do Avocados Help You Lose Weight?

Taking a bite into a delicious cool avocado straight from the fridge can help suppress your desiring appetite and for this reason it can result to weight loss, so the answer to the main heading you’ve been dying to know is YES!


What Studies Suggest :

  1. Avocados are excellent for controlling belly fat.
  2. Boost a sensation of fullness and satisfaction in your stomach
  3. Helps you lose weight

Many are still hesitate to try out an avocados because of its high-fat reputation, but avocados are filled with vitamins, nutrients, potassium and also fiber. So you can eat this green delight everyday and it’ll still  be good for you!



Did you know : An avocado consists of 180 calories and 17g fat. It’s important to keep a watchful eye on how many of these you eat. Although one avocado is healthy, adding numerous avocados into a soup or eating them with high fat souses may not be so good.


Experimenting With Your Avocado

  • One of my personal favorite dishes is a half chopped avocado with egg. You can fry the egg or scramble it, completely up to your own personal taste bud preferences. Sometimes if you scoop the avocado out first then mash it back in, it is easier to eat.
  • Eat the avocado plain or with dips (low fat dips remember)
  • Another way is to mash and season the avocado then spread it onto whole-grain toast or crackers,

The possibilities are really endless, send us pictures of what you do with your avocado!

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