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Building Lean Muscle Workout

This circuit, combines strength-training and cardio so you torch major calories while you tone. So don’t worry about devoting endless time you don’t actually have. Do each move as many times as you can in 30 seconds, while maintaining good form, then go to the next one. Try to complete this circuit three times, twice a week.


Avoid resting. You shouldn’t do a move and then wait to do another one. Go from one move to the next to the next. So while one group of muscles is resting, you’ve moved on to a different muscle group. If you’ve done push-ups, do lunges; if you’ve done lunges, do pull-downs.


1. Crunch circle

  • Lie face up, hands resting lightly on back of head.
  • Raise legs 3-6 inches: contract abs.
  • Crunch torso up, then rotate it so ribs draw a clockwise circle.
  • Repeat in opposite direction.Figure8SquatwithKB


2. Side squat with figure 8

  • Stand with feet hip-width, a 5- to 8-lb dumbbell in right hand,
  • Left hand extended to side at shoulder height
  • Step out to left as you lower into a squat
  • Pass dumbbell under left leg to left hand, and around left knee.
  • In one fluid movement, pass dumbbell under right leg to right hand.


3. Twisting lunge with heel tap

  • Stand with feet shoulder-width, arms extended to sides at shoulder height, palms down.
    Step right leg forward about 2 feet and lower left knee so both knees are at 90 degrees.
  • Twist torso to right and reach right hand back to touch left heel while raising left arm straight up.
  • Repeat on opposite side.how-to-do-a-one-handed-burpee

4. Single arm burpee

  • Stand with feet slightly wider than hip-width, left arm out to side at shoulder height.
  • Squat down; place right hand on floor just under center of chest.
  • Squeeze abs and jump feet back into one-arm plank. Jump back toward hands, landing in a squat.
  • Jump up; return to start.



5. Figure 4 squat with front shoulder raise

  • Stand with feet hip-width, a 5- to 8-lb dumbbell in each hand, palms facing in.
  • Cross right ankle over left knee Lower into squat while raising arms in front.


6. Plank with Leg raise

  • Get down into traditional ab plank position.
  • Brace your core, contract your butt, and raise your right leg up as far as possible without hunching your back.
  • Complete 10 reps with the right leg
  • 10 with the left leg, and then immediately begin this exercise from the very beginning.

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