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Benefits of Skipping Ropes: 8 Reasons Why You Should Skip Ropes.

I used to think that skipping ropes was a weird and unimportant, even though I often saw lots  boxers use this exercise quite extensively. Well, my views changed the day I was lucky enough to discover a skipping rope in my mum’s garage. One session of skipping rope for about ten minutes relieved me of my previous misconceptions and I ultimately realized what an amazing exercise skipping ropes is.

Read on to see the 8 benefits of skipping ropes that I discovered:


#1. It improves health of the body’s lymphatic system. This system is responsible for cleansing blood by removing waste and toxins from it. Unlike, the circulatory system that has blood pumping 24/7, the lymphatic system does not.

It relies on contraction and expansion of muscles to move it around your body. Many exercises can get the lymphatic system moving like this, but jumping ropes, trampolines, etc is a particularly good and recommended one.

#2. It works the entire body. What’s in motion when you’re jumping ropes? Your entire body! It works the legs, abs, arms, and even the mind and heart very importantly. Many people fail to realize the importance of working the heart. It is a muscle as well and working on it will give you better stamina to do any kind of activity.

This exercise increases strength, agility, speed, timing, and rhythm. It’s no wonder why it’s hot on every professional boxer’s routine.

#3. It increases bone density. Jumping ropes puts a lot of strain on your bones and when this happens, essential minerals are sent to them, making them stronger.

However, it doesn’t create as much a strain on the muscles as running does.

#4. You can do it anywhere. All you need to perform this exercise is a rope, proper sportswear and a space that lets you swing without breaking anything or hitting anyone.

#5. It is portable: It’s amazing that with all the benefits of skipping/jumping ropes, you don’t need any fancy machinery or complicated equipment to do them.

You can put your skipping rope in your bag, or even your pocket and take it wherever you wish.

#6. It’s fun. A major problem with many exercises is that they are strenuous and rarely have any fun element in them. Skipping rope definitely stands out in this respect.

How interesting is picking up a dumbbell and lifting it in the same motions for 3 sets or more? Not very. Skipping ropes can be done in various ways which leads to the seventh benefit of using this amazing equipment.

#7. You can spice it up. After you’ve jumped ropes for a while, you will most likely begin to feel the repetitive basic jump is boring. Despair not, this exercise has twists to it.

Cool tricks and variations include the one hop, alternative jumps, left foot – right foot jumps, side straddles, front straddles, running in place, the double under and the famous arms cross.

If you’ve been skipping ropes for a while, you would most likely have done most of these if not all.

#8. It’s inexpensive. For a relatively cheap sum, you can get yourself a cool skipping rope that will last you a very long time–the cost is next to nothing when compared with the immense benefits of skipping ropes.


Skipping ropes is an amazing exercise. It doesn’t just have health benefits, but it clearly has others like the fun, portability, the simplicity and inexpensiveness of the equipment.

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