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7 Reasons to Start Doing Push-ups Today

When it comes to getting fit and developing muscles, it’s hard to point out a more popular exercise than push-ups. Everyone knows about push-ups but not everyone knows that push-ups are good for a lot much more than just building nice triceps or “pecs”. Did you know that push-ups can be a good workout for other groups of muscles in the body or that push-ups are both a cardio and resistance training exercise?

Read on to find out more about the amazing benefits of push-ups and why you should start doing push- ups today.

  1. Great looking arms

Picture on great looking arms

If you’re a guy then you should know that ladies love guys with great looking arms. A lot of guys already know this but they make the classic mistake of assuming size is the most important factor. Here’s a tip: it’s not. In reality, the shape, vascularity and definition of your arm muscles are more important factors than size and push- ups will help you develop your arms in these ways.

If it’s not all about the looks for you though, there are still other great benefits of push-ups that might interest you. For one, having stronger arms will help you execute many day to day activities with increased efficiency. Keep on reading to see why push-ups should be the first item on your list of exercises to do.

  1. Total Body Workout

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There’s a reason why push-ups are pretty much standard fare for militaries all over the world: It’s because they are extremely effective.  Although the major focus of push-ups are the arms and chest, almost every major muscle group in the body gets used when performing a push-up, giving the whole body a nice, holistically fit look. Aside from the arms and chest, the abdominals (6 pack), glutes (butt), quadriceps and upper back all receive a secondary workout when you do push-ups. So if you haven’t got the time to do targetted exercises to work these specific muscle groups, doing a reasonable number of push-ups each day should suffice. For a beginner, we recommend that you start by doing 3 sets of 15 reps each and work your way up from there increasing the number of reps by 10% each week.

  1. Stronger Bones and Joints

Picture On Stronger jonts

As people grow older, particularly from the mid-thirties and upwards, their bones experience some density loss. This is one of the reasons why older people are much more prone to osteoporosis and other bone diseases but this can effectively be prevented by doing exercises that involve significant joint movements, thereby improving joint and bone strength. Compound exercises—exercises that involve simultaneous use of multiple joints and muscle groups at the same time—such as push-ups are particularly effective at achieving this effect.

  1. Adjustable

Push Ups

So we all know that push-ups are a great exercise for working out your upper body in particular but in our opinion, one of the truly remarkable things about push-ups is the fact that you can make minor changes or adjustments to your stance and form to give greater emphasis and development to specific muscles in the arms, chest, and upper back.

  1. Weight loss

Weight Lost

When you think of weight loss exercises, push-ups are probably not the first thing that pops into your mind but push-ups are a good way to lose weight for two main reasons: you burn calories while doing them and having stronger, denser muscles will cause your metabolism to speed up. To be sure, doing push-ups won’t burn as many calories as running or any other significant cardio workout would, but when you combine the added effect of an increased metabolism, the gains weight loss benefits of push-ups are enormous.

  1. Can be done at home

Lady doing push-ups at homeush-ups can be done at home or literally anywhere, which can’t be said for every exercise. For example, say you’re stuck in an airport, bus station or hotel somewhere, all you need is a bit of space and you can get down and do some psuh ups right away. You don’t need any fancy gym equipment, special clothing or shoes; just the will to get fit.


Push-ups are great for weight loss and fitness. They could help you lose weight, get stronger, look fitter and develop multiple muscle groups in your body at the same time, all from the comfort of your home, the park, or wherever you find yourself.

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