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5 Reasons why Teenagers Should Take up Sports in Dubai

A lot of teenagers enjoy watching and participating in sports all around the world. It’s probably no different in Dubai, where most teenagers enjoy watching sports but very few actively go out and play any sport at all, probably because of the (usually) hot weather. Most sports have great health benefits and with Dubai’s alarming obesity statistics, which could spell a looming health crisis, encouraging teenagers in Dubai to take up some sport might be one smart way to help them keep healthy and fit.

Here are some very important health and fitness benefits of playing sports for people in Dubai.

  1. Easier to perform than regular exercise

Regular Excerise

Playing sports, depending on the type of sport, will give as good and sometimes greater fitness benefits as any regular cardio exercise. The great advantage with sports, though, is that people often do not feel the strain their body is being put through as their minds are focused on playing, having fun and winning. Having loads of fun on the way to a fitter and healthier body is definitely not something anyone should pass up on.


  1. Burn Calories


Like we said previously, obesity is a serious problem for teenagers in Dubai so anything that could help tackle this challenge ought to be encouraged. Most sports particularly contact sports will involve a very significant cardio component which is great for weight loss. Some sports such as soccer or boxing are similar to high-intensity interval training where you perform an activity at a very high level at regular intervals. This method of training has been proven to be extremely effective for weight loss and fitness.

  1. Stronger Muscles

Stronger Muscles

Having stronger muscles always looks good, helps in carrying out everyday tasks more efficiently and best of all, for people struggling with weight issues in Dubai, helps to burn fat. This is why every good fat loss program includes a significant amount of muscle building. People who play sports on a consistent basis usually get to develop multiple muscles without even realizing it. Playing sports is great for muscle development, just don’t expect to look like Mr. Olympia after two weeks of taking up a new sport.

When making your choice of sport to take up, you should consider which muscle groups would be more intensely targeted and just how rigorous the sporting activity would be.

  1. Stamina


The benefits of the increased stamina that come with playing sports are enormous. Firstly, increased stamina levels will enable you participate more actively in sports and other physical activities which, probably, would help you enjoy those activities more. There are more direct health benefits of increased stamina levels, though, such as an increased metabolism rate, decreased heart rate when at rest, lower susceptibility to heart diseases, diabetes and depression etc. Additionally, the body is enabled to carry out simple and complex everyday tasks without fatigue which makes the immune system function much better.

  1. Fitter Mind

Fitter Mind

Can playing sports really help improve brain function? As unlikely as it seems, the answer is yes. In the hours after any exercise, the brain is more alert and generally people experience good moods (courtesy of endorphins). What is even more notable about the effect of sport on the mind is that after continuous exercise over a period of time, the brain experiences permanent development in the area responsible for memory retention and recollection, decision -making and problem-solving. This is a remarkable health benefit of playing sports that teenagers in Dubai should be encouraged to experience.


There is no debate on this one. Getting out and actually participating in sports definitely beats slumping on the couch watching tv or playing Call of Duty all day long and teenagers in Dubai should be proactively encouraged to play some sports to help deal with Dubai’s obesity problem.

There are lots of different options for sports such as soccer, martial arts, basketball and many others that teenagers in Dubai could do. We’ve compiled a guide for your convenience here:

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