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7 Push Up Hacks Everyone Needs To Know

Push-ups are definitely among the most effective and popular exercises for building strong and well-sculpted arms and this is, perhaps, the reason why so many people from the average joe to the elite athlete to the crack infantry commando use push-ups so extensively. For people trying to get fit in Dubai, we think push-ups will help a great deal but only if you use the proper technique.

So we’ve drawn up this list of simple techniques that you could use with almost any push-up variation, to help you get the best results from your push-ups. Here’s how to get the perfect push-up technique:

press up

  1. Keep your feet together

Keeping your feet close together when you’re doing push-ups, will load more pressure on to your core, shoulder and arms, which is what you should be aiming for. For beginners, though, you may start by using wide-stance foot positioning.

  1. Elbows tucked in

Developing a strong core certainly ought to be a major consideration for anyone actively trying to build a stronger body and get fit. Most push-up variations have the chest, shoulders and arms as primary targets, and work the core as a secondary target; however, when you tuck in your elbows the core becomes a primary target and you should definitely utilize this technique for the best upper body results.

  1. Lower your chest deeper

The lower you drop, the more work your body has to do to stabilize itself and also to lift your body back up so you should aim to drop your chest till it is at least a few inches away from the floor. When using a narrow stance or doing the triceps push up, lowering your chest in this way will place more strain on your shoulders and abdominal muscles.

  1. Do it slowly

So many people rush through plyometric exercise perhaps because they are so focused on trying to reach a numerical goal; but getting the maximum benefit of each push up is what will lead to real development so take your time, when you lower your chest, hold the position for at least half a second

  1. Avoid jerky movements

If you can’t do an exercise with smooth controlled motion, then you’re punching above your weight and putting yourself at risk of injury. The perfect push-up should ideally be done with smooth controlled motions.

  1. Keep your head upright

Your head posture also counts for a lot when you do push-ups and you should avoid bending your head forward or backward, or looking straight down. You should instead, keep your eyes focused on a spot about one feet in front of your head.

  1. Keep Your Body Straight

Many beginners will make the mistake of allowing sticking their butts up or allowing their pelvic area to droop; your body should be kept perfectly straight both as you go down and come back up.


You can use these 7 hacks to improve your push-ups techniques and get the most out of our workout. So if you’re looking to get fit in Dubai, you should start doing push-ups using these techniques today.

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