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7 Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Tips to Lose Baby Weight

Losing post pregnancy baby weight may seem like a giant hurdle for women who have just given birth. Like all things that seem difficult, it takes only right guidance and motivation to achieve what was deemed impossible. Here are a few quick steps to lose weight after giving birth.

Pregnancy Weight Loss Dubai

#1. Start at the Right Time

It is medically advised that new mothers should wait between six to eight weeks before embarking on a weight loss journey. If you are a breastfeeding mother, always consult your doctor before going on a diet.

Since your health comes first, this is one of the most important considerations and should not be neglected.

#2. Eat Healthy

A healthy and well balanced diet constituting of the right proportions of fruits, fibers, vegetables, etc combined with exercise is the fastest way to lose weight. Always monitor your meal portions and how many snacks you take in between meals.

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#3. Start Exercising

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Begin with light exercises until your body gets strong enough to handle strenuous workouts. You could take long walks with your baby in the walker or do some stretches around the house while keeping an eye on the little one.

#4. Don’t Over Compensate for Breastfeeding

A mother who avoids the intake of the extra calories while breastfeeding has a better chance of losing baby weight faster than a mother who does not. Research has found that breastfeeding alone can burn up to 500 calories each day.

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#5. Find a Workout Partner

Join a group of mothers on the same journey as you and you’ll be amazed at how much easier losing weight will be. Your husband could also be your “support mechanism” in this process. Generally we advise that you engage in more physically stimulating activities together and avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

#6. Be Patient

Losing weight after giving birth will not be as easy as gaining it during pregnancy. Accept that no matter how much you exercise or diet, your body will shed the extra weight at its own pace. Eat healthy, stay active and remain patient.

#7. Get Medical Advice

Do not go on a diet without consulting your doctor. This is due to the fact that the breast milk is made up mostly of the foods you consume. Hence, healthy milk means a healthy child, so consult your doctor for advice before you change your diet.

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