7 Benefits of Drinking Water On an Empty Stomach

It is not possible to go on with life without drinking water; we all know that, but when exactly should we drink water? It’s understandable that you need water when thirsty or after a meal, but it is important to note that the best time to drink water is when you have nothing in your stomach. This post explains why.

1. It flushes your bowels


A glass of water on an empty stomach helps to regulate and organize the digestive tract. The water dissolves the stool and you will feel the urge to empty your bowels and clear your body of any waste.

2. Speeds up metabolism


Our body consists of 70% water and with adequate water in the body, metabolism rate is raised. This makes the body more active; helps in digestion of food and in losing weight.

3. Boosts your immunity


Immunity is the ability of the body to resist infection. Drinking water regularly on an empty stomach works effectively on the immune system to yield positive results, which will help the body to fight off infections easily.

4. Increases hunger


Drinking water on an empty stomach easily activates your appetite and make you feel hungry. There might be times when you are not hungry but regular meals need to be taken, drink water and you’ll find it easy to eat your meal. You can do this in the morning before having your breakfast.

5. Prevents migraine attacks

migraine attacks

Dehydration could cause frequent headaches and migraine because the body is not functioning properly. Constant intake of water, especially on an empty stomach, helps to reduce or clear off headaches.

6. Helps in weight loss

weight loss

Are you trying so hard to lose weight? Nothing is easier than grabbing a cup of water at intervals, even on an empty stomach. Water has no calories and taking too much of it doesn’t have any effect on the body; while water speeds up metabolism rate, calories are quick to burn, thereby causing weight loss.


Drinking water has a lot of benefits and no disadvantage. There are so many health complications that can be easily avoided if water is taken on a regular basis.
Drinking water on an empty stomach keeps your stomach healthy and save you the risk of many infections. Cultivate the habit of drinking at least two cups of water before taking anything else in the morning.

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