6 Yoga Poses To Soothe Your Lower Back Pain

Everyone has lower back pain at some point. They could be mild, moderate or severe depending on the cause of it. There are lots of causes of lower back pain, it could be as a result of bad postural habits (slouching, hunched shoulders etc), nutritional imbalance, excess body weight, weak muscles, muscle fatigue or inflammatory diseases. All these factors lead to the weakening of the upward thrust created by the postural muscles which results in lower back ache. Use these exercises to ease your lower back ache, among other benefits.

1.Embryo pose

Embryo pose

This is done by lying on your back, making sure your spine is in a neutral position. Pull your right knee towards you with an inhale. Exhale and straighten your leg at a right angle then inhale again and bend the knee. Repeat 5 times then switch to the other leg. As you straighten the leg, try to lift the other leg at-least 5 cm off the floor

2. Forward Stretch


You start by sitting up straight so that your back muscles are aligned properly and keep your neck straightened. Inhaling deeply, stretch out both your legs in-front of you and hold your toes. Maintain a constant breathing pattern and hold the stretch for a minute. Now sit back back slowly and relax your muscles. Repeat at-least 5 times.

3.The cobra


This is done by lying on your stomach with your feet together. Stretch your arms, shoulder length and bend your elbows at a right angle so your hands will be placed at ear level. Straighten your neck and rest your forehead on the ground. Now inhale deeply and use your abdominal muscles to lift yourself up from the torso upward. Exhale and lift up your chest. Hold the pose for 2 minutes and longer as you proceed overtime.

4.Hero’s pose

Hero’s pose

Start by standing straight and use your right leg to step approximately two feet forward. Bend the left leg slightly and the right arm, at a right angle. Inhale and stretch your right arm. Exhale as you switch to the left leg and repeat 5 time each.

5.Straight-leg lift

Straight-leg lift

Lie down on your back and with your leg straightened out infront of you. Inhale deeply and lift your left leg straight up. With an exhale, grasp the ankle of your left leg, making sure to keep the knees straightened out and your head and spine straightened out. To make it easier, slightly bend your knees. Hold this position for 5 breaths and switch to the left. Repeat 5 times daily.

6.Thread the needle

Thread the needle

Lie on your back with your spine in a neutral position and your neck straightened. Bend the right knee at a right angle and place the left ankle on the inside of your right thigh. Inhale deeply and interlace your fingers behind your right thigh. Hold this position for at-least two minutes then switch to the other leg. Repeat 5 times daily.

Note that these exercises need to be repeated on a daily basis with the proper techniques to reap optimum benefits.

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