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6 Things To Expect After Losing Weight

Lost some weight recently and feeling great about it: nice work. While you are feeling and looking amazing, you’ve probably noticed that shedding some pounds comes with a few unexpected surprises. And while it’s true that losing a few extra pounds has a whole host of health benefits, there are also some challenges along the way that we don’t always hear much about. We know it’s not easy, so we out time to bring together some of those after weight loss challenges that anyone hardly mentions and here they are:



After losing weight, you suddenly have to deal with weird backhanded questions and compliments. Did you lose weight?  You look so much better! Does that mean you were a complete ugly duckling before? Handling such questions can get you feeling sad and uncomfortable. So it’s better you start learning how to deal with such awkward situations now.

2.Physical changes

Physical changes

If you have lost weight, you are likely to be faced with very real physical reminders of its disappearance.  There is a reason it is called baby fat. It makes you look plump and youthful. Your skin will get flabby due to the loss of fat and this situation has little or no remedy because there is no lifestyle to prevent excess flabby skin without you gaining weight again. The best way t0 deal with this however, is to build lean muscles through strength training.


Getting use to being a smaller you can be very challenging. You can’t stop looking at yourself. Hey who is that super-hot chick creeping on you in the dressing room? Hey, that’s you. People around you will also find it difficult adjusting to the new you and some may even get jealous because you might be looking better than they are now.

4.Body temperature

Feeling cold recently than before? That is because fat is a natural insulator, so you become sensitive to changes in temperature when you lose weight. Getting cardigans during this period won’t be a bad idea because you would really need it.

5.People not recognizing you

Imagine how annoying and painful it is when a friend passes by you without recognizing you. Losing few or more pound if you have no idea changes your face entirely because you are no longer the plump person and it gives you a different look.


While you may be thinking of how good you look and the health benefits you get after losing weight, the truthful reality is sitting in a corner waiting to hit you right in the face. Having good compliments and attention is really cool but what about the not so cool things you have to face after losing weight. These things can affect you physically and emotionally and so armor yourself for the battle of challenges after you lose weight and you will be just fine.

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