5 Foods That Help Increase Your Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

Did you know that eating certain foods can help you to be smarter? The brain which is the organ responsible for all cognitive functioning is very important. Forget about constantly feeding the stomach with nutritious food and put more attention to feeding the brain. Yes! Food is needed to sustain us but consideration should be given on what we eat to improve the cognitive functions of our brain. Being smarty pants doesn’t come easy. It needs hard work and good nourishment. Just as the body needs food to keep it healthy and running, so does the brain. Trying to be smart can be hard but trying to find a smarter choice of food can prove to be even harder. However, we’ve been able to put together 5 foods that can help improve the smart level of your brain:

1. Green leafy vegetables

 Green leafy vegetables


Turning our faces the other side when given greens tends to be a common practice amongst most people. The ironic thing though is that vegetables are high in foliates that helps in fast thinking and also to recall information. They are also rich in vitamin C which keeps the brain healthy.

2. Nuts


Are you a candy lover? Swapping candies for nut can be a better idea. Candy is high in calories but it does not last. Nuts have lasting effects and contain vitamin E which aids in your brain’s cognitive functions. For better productivity, try getting organic or raw nuts or if you can’t at least stay away from preserved ones because they might have taken many food miles to get to your mouth.

3. Dark Chocolate

 Dark Chocolate

Getting a hot cup of dark chocolate in the morning can be a wake-up call for your brain. Not only is it a tasty beverage but it wakes up the brain and energizes it. It is also loaded with sufficient antioxidants. They are not loved by everyone for no good reason, so go along with it. For better results, always go for dark ones.

4. Garlic


It can get really smelly with garlic but it has super fuel for the brain. Not only is it fabulous for reducing cholesterol but it also releases antioxidants that protect the brain. So chew as much as the people around you can stand and let the garlic do the rest. I know it can be much easier to but refined ones or even peeled one but getting a raw one is much better.

5. Salmon


They are high in 0mega-3 which aids in cognitive functioning and also improves alertness, reduces the risk of mental diseases (dementia) and reduces mood swings. Fresh salmons are very nutritive and are good for the diet.



Having a retentive memory or being smart in various aspects can be challenging so one should really be alert and smart on what they eat to become smarter. The brain helps you become who you are by thinking and storing all our thoughts, therefore, it will be great if one rewards the brain with a simple gift by eating the right kind of food to help in its work. You do not have to acquire a degree to boost up your bring. Just be wise and smart about your choice of food and you will be okay.

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