6 Things That Tell You That You’re Unhealthy

Normally, people do not seem to notice when they are unhealthy. We often wait till we’ve been diagnosed with an illness before we believe that we’re actually unhealthy. The beauty about the human body is that it gives you ealry signs immediately there’s a problem somewhere. It’s upto you to be able to notice these signs and treat the problem before it gets any worse. And that is what we intend to help you with in this article.

Below are 6 ways your body tries to tell you that there’s something wrong somewhere.

1.Poor sleep habit

poor sleep

You find it very difficult to sleep at night. This is because there is way too much production of cortisol, which normally is meant to be low at night to allow your body to rest but your body is on constant flight or fight mode. Once this happens your body’s natural repair response mechanism gets turned on and you get sick.

2.You get shorter


You begin to notice that you’re getting shorter, for instance if you were 5’7’’ and now 2 years later you then become 5’6’’. The reason why you are shrinking is probably because your bones are beginning to degenerate as a result of osteoporosis. May be your bones whispering to you to take healthier measures before it’s too late.

3.You snore


This may be the only early sign of sleep apnea, which is a sleeping disorder usually characterized by obstruction in the airways. This usually increases the risk of pulmonary hypertension and subsequently leads to heart failure

4.You’re always anxious


Sometimes people just think that it is just in their head. This sometimes might be true, but other times is not. Anxiety can begin as a feeling in your mind that can translate to your body’s physiology and it exposes you to diseases like heart disease and other life-threatening illnesses.

5.You’re always itchy


Sometimes, it may just be nothing serious, like allergies or any order skin disorder. But also excessive itching may also be a sign from your body that you are suffering from liver disease.

6.You’re always tired


Fatigue might be from a lot of reasons, probably working extra hours or it could be as a result of your thyroid not functioning properly.


Paying attention to even the tiniest detail, or even the smallest hint our body gives to us can actually save our lives, it is very important that once you notice that your body is acting up, you should see a specialist before it’s too late. It is important to stay hydrated, it helps to maintain a healthy body.caffefine, or alcoholic beverages are dehydrating so it’s better to stick to water, green tea or coconut water.

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