6 Reasons Why Running is Good For Your Health

Running is a universal sporting activity. But why run? Running offers many physical and mental health benefits and, of course, it’s free. If you already run, you would admit that running has probably benefited you a lot. This article reveals 7 amazing benefits of running.

#1. Holistic health


Running is not just good for your health for many number of the reasons we will discover in this article. Running also offers you mental health.

Research has shown that 8 out of 10 people who run on a regular basis are happier than the average individual who doesn’t run at all.

#2. Strengthens immune system:

Running helps build resistance to germs. A research carried out by L. Spence showed that athletes who developed illnesses such as colds and ran through the illness recovered faster than individuals that didn’t.

However, running over very long distances can have the opposite effect and cause you even more sickness.

#3. Strong legs:


A strong lower body gives you more balance and strength. Running contracts and expands your leg muscles causing them to build up. If you’ve ever taken a look at the legs of any regular runner or sprinter, you would have surely noticed this.

#4. Increased bone density.


Running creates strain on your bones. When this happens, essential minerals are sent to your bones which makes them stronger. It is noteworthy that an increased bone density means less fat on the body.

#5. Relieves stress:

stress free

How? When you run, your body secretes higher levels of serotonin, a substance that helps you relax. Thus, you can literally run away from stress.

#6. Confidence booster:

Anyone can get insecure about the shape of their body. Running helps to build, in you, the mentality that you can achieve anything and this will ultimately improve your confidence.

Research has shown that such confidence would reach past just physical ability, and extend to mental, and emotional stability as well.

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