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The Top 5 Foods To Eat For More Energy

Everyone knows that we all need to feed to have enough energy to go about our day’s activities. But there are actually certain foods that specifically give us more energy. You must also understand that contrary to popular belief, foods high in fat and calories often leave you feeling fatigued. This is because your body tends to expend more energy in the process of digesting them.

To stay alert all day, make smarter choices on the foods you eat. Here are 5 foods that can ultimately help fuel your body.

1. Honey

Instead of consuming all these so-called energy drinks that would end up increasing your blood glucose level, should opt for more natural means of boosting and maintaining your energy levels, such as honey. If your body’s glycemic index is low, honey can ultimately help fuel your muscles during exercise and can also help replenish your muscles after exercise.

2. BananasBananas

Bananas are simply an amazing fruit. Not only are they a great high-blood pressure reliever, they’re also a great source of energy. These foods are also rich in fiber, which help you stay full for longer periods. Apart from just peeling and eating them, there are also so many other different ways by which you could prepare this fruit. You could choose to top them with peanuts, or even slice them into your early morning cereal for an early morning boost that could keep you going for hours.

3. Apples

Apples are simply delicious, aren’t they? These fruits are rich in nutrients, including fiber, which helps give you a more prolonged feeling of fullness or satisfaction. It doesn’t just stop there, apples also give you jolt of energy, which can keep you alert for a while.

4. Beans

Beans can be said to be one of the richest foods in both fiber and protein. They not only keep you feeling full for a long period, they also contain enough protein that can keep you energized for possibly, the whole day.

You can also prepare these foods in so many ways: they could be used to make sandwiches, added to your regular early morning smoothie, used for making homemade energy bars, or even mixed with some vegetables to make yourself a beautiful beans salad.

5. Yogurt

Here’s another healthy option for a snack: yogurt is rich in magnesium, which is important for the release of energy. This food also contains calcium, which is essential for your heart’s health. Another advantage that yogurt has is that it has also been associated with weight loss over the years.


If you find yourself feeling fatigued all the time, it’s probably because of some inadequacy in your diet. Try eating these foods regularly, and your energy levels are sure to rise significantly.

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