6 Leading Causes of Bloating

Bloating makes you feel full and tight in your abdomen, making you uncomfortable. Asides it being caused by eating in excess, it could be as a result of accumulation of gas in your abdomen. There are several leading causes of bloating, find below some major ones:

 1. Not hydrating yourself during or after exercises

It is true that one of the ways to avoid or reduce bloating is by working out, but little do many of us know that exercise could have adverse effects especially when done improperly. When you exercise, you tend to sweat out, and excrete a lot of water. This excretion not only comes in the form of sweat but is also secreted from the liver and kidney. When this happens, you get dehydrated unconsciously—which eventually leads to bloating. You should take adequate water often, during or after exercises.

2. Water retention

This is the abnormal accumulation of fluid in the body. It is usually caused as a result of excess intake of sodium. The amount of sodium in the body determines how much water gets accumulated. For every food ingested, there should be a moderate amount of sodium in it. You should also know that salty diets should be taken in moderation because of the presence of sodium in salts.

3. Air swallowed

Bloating can be caused by the accumulation of gas in the abdomen. You should avoid swallowing gases unnecessarily. Some of the ways we do that is by chewing gum, inflating balloons, drinking through a straw and so on. Such things should either be reduced or discarded to avoid them resulting in bloating.

4. Undigested food

What you eat, how you eat and when you eat, can affect how your food digests. When a meal stays in your belly for too long without getting digested, it can lead to bloating. Do well to avoid foods that are rich in fiber or fats.

5. Overeating

Overeating also causes bloating. This is in fact a main cause of bloating. Eating too much or too fast at a time deprives you of a quick digestion, leading to pain in the abdomen and bloating. It could also lead to other health complications like constipation. Meals should be limited to moderate amounts.

6. Medication

Different medications may have different adverse effects on the body. Some result in excessive sweating and urination that may cause the body to react by abhorring more water which leads to bloating. Also, birth control pills with high level of estrogen can cause you to have excess weight with the feeling of a bloated belly.


A larger percentage of individuals with a bloated belly wish they never had it. Everyone wants to remain fit but there are things to do and avoid to make that happen. Moderation is key to living a healthy life.



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