6 Diseases You Can Get From Not Drinking Enough Water

Lack of adequate water in the body, leads to dehydration. Dehydration, however, comes with a number of associated risks that could become complicated if not taken care of. Once there is insufficient water in the human body, the risk of having some diseases or sicknesses is raised. Below are some diseases or sicknesses associated with insufficient water in the human body:


1. Arthritis


Arthritis is a kind of joint disorder that results in the inflammation of the joints. One of the leading causes of arthritis is inadequate supply of water in the body. The presence of water in the cartilage that surrounds the joints, helps to give it a smooth movement. An insufficient supply of water to the cartilage, would affect the lubrication and cause friction in the sliding of the joints. This condition is quick to lead to an inflammation in the joints (arthritis) and it comes with severe pains.

2. Thickened blood and high blood pressure

blood test

The blood needs water for proper circulation through the body. If it is deprived of the adequate amount of water it needs, it gets thickened, gradually. In this condition, the closest health risk is high blood pressure. Thickened blood would increase the force with which blood flows in the blood vessels, as blood would find it difficult to flow due to the lack of blood supply.

3. Reduced eye sight

eye sight

Dehydration causes dryness of the eye and according to studies, dryness is one of the leading causes of bad vision or reduced sight. This could cause blurry vision and reduced eye function.

4. Depression


Depression is a serious mental sickness that has to do with the physical and mental state of health. It seems quite odd that moods can be linked to the amount of water we drink per day but nevertheless, this fact is real. Dehydration slows down the body’s metabolism, which has a way of influencing moods and is often associated with sadness and stress.


Water is very crucial for a healthy life, and it is very important to take a whole lot of it daily. Studies have shown that drinking about 8 to 10 cups of water in a day would prevent several health risks and also help maintain stability.

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