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6 Common Workout Mistakes Made By Men

There’s nothing as discouraging as working so hard for a particular purpose and not the getting the end results that you expect. This might be as a result of certain things you might be doing wrong, without even realizing it. Here are 6 common workout mistakes to avoid:

1. Relying on Cardio

Inasmuch as cardio is important for weight loss, relying on cardio alone for weight loss will leave you disappointed at the end of the day. Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not saying you should skip cardio, but if it means neglecting strength training then you’re making a huge weight loss mistake.

The fact is that you can’t lose weight efficiently without building more muscles. So to make sure that your weight-loss is effective, make sure your workout routine includes both cardio and strength training.

2. Lifting too much weight

Bad lifting

Just like too much of cardio can be a mistake, too much strength training could be a mistake as well. Most men, unfortunately, are victims of the common myth – heavier is better. The truth however is that lifting lighter weights with correct form and posture will be much more efficient for gaining the results that you desire.

3. Not doing compound exercises

bench press
Compound exercises refer to those type of exercises that involves more than one muscle group working together to build strength. Most men spend their gym time trying to train only one muscle group at a time. This is wrong.

Compound exercises are more efficient and train the body more effectively. Exercises like the bench press, squats, deadlifts, push-ups, etc. Should form a key part of your workout program.

4. Neglecting Nutrition

So this is one major mistake done by men especially. They often think that they can out train the amount of junk foods that they eat. Doing a high volume of training isn’t all it takes to lose weight. Training and nutrition go hand in hand. It takes both of these elements to lose weight efficiently.

5. Relying too much on supplements

Weight loss pills are popular but the truth is that they aren’t a necessity for weight loss. If you’re trying to lose weight, relying on these supplements is a very huge mistake. Instead, try going more natural. Eat foods high in protein, fiber and omega-3. These foods will help fill you up for longer, regulate your appetite and therefore reducing your cravings for junk foods.

6. Too much steady state cardio

It is true that moderate cardio is good for your heart’s health, but if you’re trying to lose weight, doing a slow or moderate cardio activity, isn’t actually the best for you. For faster weight loss results, work out at a more intense level, including high intensity intervals.


Now that you know the mistakes that you might be making, it’s time to start making changes to some of these things. Correct these mistakes and you’ll probably see yourself losing significant amounts of weight within weeks or months.

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