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5 Ways to Tell Your Partner is Under Stress

Stress affects not only the person who is under stress but also the people around that person. This is because it has the ability to affect how a person relates with those closest them. Stress is normally not easily noticed until it has resulted in gross damages to both physical and mental health and even to relationships and people that we care about. This is why it is sometimes up to those closest to the ones experiencing stress to catch its symptoms before it is too late.
Some ways to know that your partner’s “Stress-Alarm” is ringing include:

1. Angry Outbursts

The possible explanations for those increasingly numerous anger bursts are not only that your partner has stopped loving you or has suddenly developed a short fuse or that you have become more annoying. Those frequent outbursts could be an unconscious reaction to stress. Stress reduces our tolerance for things we once coped with until we find ourselves feeling the need to shout out in anger at everything. This happens because the mind is attempting to reduce its stress load via shouting.

2. Apathy

Stress sometimes tends to blunt our responses to things that matter. This is because whilst trying to relieve itself of the overwhelming feeling of stress, our mind begins to shelf everything apart from the stressing factor and its attempt to relieve that stress. It therefore begins to see every other thing as unimportant. This is the reason why when people are under stress, they unconsciously care less about things that affect those around them.

3. Forgetfulness

By shelving everything that doesn’t pertain to stress or its relief, many things that would have formerly been easily remembered by your partner get forgotten. Meaning your partner would most likely be forgetting to take out the trash or to buy what you asked for or even where he/she placed his/her keys effortlessly.

4. Loss of Sexual desire

lose of sex
Stress also tends to affect our sexual desire and even our sexual performance. In times of stress, sexual intercourse mostly becomes unimportant so desire can decline and later, the ability to perform sexually could also decline. Of course having this happen could add unto the stress your partner already feels.


5. Loss of Motivation

Stress has a way of making a person feel overwhelmed. One reaction to this overwhelming feeling includes losing the desire to get involved in any other activity. When your partner begins to lose motivation for things he/she once found enjoyment in, this might be a sign that he/she is under stress.

Catching stress in your partner early helps you know how best to react to these changes and thus reduce the effect of the stress on your relationship. It also ultimately helps you realize the need to help your partner deal with the stress.

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