4 Most Activating Abdominal Exercises

The abdominals consists of three groups of muscles: the rectus abdominis—which makes up the six-packs; the transversus abdominis—which holds the internal organs and improve posture; and the obliques—which lie at the sides of the waist. To get functional and effective results for your abdominal muscles, it’s best you opt for exercises that offer activation for those muscles.

The most efficient activating abdominal exercises generate higher muscle activity, and activating your abs will help to give you that toned, sexy mid-section that you’ve always desired. Although, many people still resort to the old-school sit up and crunches, to achieve firmer abs, the main point is to activate the three most important muscles concerned.

Below are some exercises that will work the abs effectively

1. Hanging leg lifts

hang raise

In hanging leg lifts, the abs will help to stabilize the pelvis while you lift your legs up; it will also help all of your pressing movements, and will improve your squats and pull-ups. Interestingly, it can be done anywhere, provided there is something to hang on to.

First, get a bar, or a tree, and just hang. Hang there for some seconds until your legs are straight and free. Flex all your muscles, and slowly raise your feet up to the bar; ensure your legs remain straight as much as you can. Lower your legs, and repeat the process.

2. Sprint


Sprint happens to be the best exercise for activating total core but unfortunately, many of us are not aware of that, which makes it a little underrated. It encourages so much force in the abs, than any other part of the body, because while running, your legs and arms pumps really hard while the body stays upright and rigid. This will have so much effect on the abdominal muscles and it works faster than traditional abs exercises

3. Bicycling


The bicycle exercise works greatly on the rectus abdominis, also known as the “six-packs”, and is also great on the obliques. Start off by lying on the floor with hands beside your ears. Then, lift your knees to a 45 degree rotation and rotate your right elbow and left knee until they touch, and your left elbow to your right knee. Keep alternating sides and repeat the process for about 20 times.

4. Exercise ball crunches


The exercise ball crunches is a kind of crunch exercise, and compared to the floor crunch, it works more efficiently on the abs. Get an exercise ball and sit on it, with your feet flat on the floor. Roll back on the ball slowly, till you have your thighs parallel to the floor. With feet still fastened to the ground, cross your arms over your chest and tuck your chin into your chest. Then, slowly raise your torso while you contract your abdominal muscles. Return to original position, and repeat the process. Your hands do not have to necessarily be on your chest, it could be placed behind your ears.



Aforementioned, are 4 most activating exercises that will help to tone the abs effectively. They are exercises that can be done anywhere, and do not need a gym center or exercising machines. To get a quick and positive result, they should be done correctly and consistently.

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