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5 Ways To get Ripped Abs

Having a nice six ripped six-pack is fast becoming a necessity, for both men and women. It is not just aesthetically pleasing but it also offers health benefits such as better stamina and balance.


You may have trained your abs in the past, but never the right way. This article shows you five ways you can train your abs to get them ripped.

1. Eat protein


Protein doesn’t just help you build muscle and repair damaged tissue, it also helps in burning fat. Protein has the highest thermogenic level among other macro-nutrients like fats, carbs, etc.

The thermogenic level is generally the amount of energy used above the resting metabolic rate due to the cost of processing foods for use and storage.

2. Eat healthy fats

healthy fats

It is a myth that you cannot eat fats if you want a six-pack. They key is just eating healthy fats: polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats.

This will include fats like olive oil, raw nuts, fish oils, and the like. These fats are mainly good for you because they help keep your insulin levels stable. When this is stable, it is much easier to lose belly fat and replace it with muscle.

3. Mix it up


A lot of amateurs feel that the way to get a washboard belly is by doing a thousand crunches a day, but, this is a big misconception. In fact, training like that leaves you more prone to injury and is probably not as effective as you think.

A more effective way to burn belly fat and build muscle is by mixing up your workout. Try incorporating squats, barbell deadlifts, push-ups, shoulder dips, mountain climbers, etc into your training schedule. Another tip given by Professionals for burning fat quicker is to do your sets of workouts at a faster pace.

4. Keep a balanced diet


As much as you are expected to eat the right foods, and avoid junk and unhealthy foods, it is also imperative that you keep a balanced diet. The body doesn’t just need proteins when you work-out; it needs other nutrients such as carbs, vitamins, and other minerals you can’t get only from proteins.

Arriving at the right balanced diet may be tricky but most professionals suggest eating more of your carbs after your workout and this is because they are more quickly absorbed by the muscles and promote quick growth. The right fats will help keep your insulin levels stable which allows you burn fat quicker.

The general point is that every macro-nutrient has a part to play in the body, especially when training.

5. Keep focused

With all the right training and eating, you wouldn’t go as far as you desire if you’re not focused. Keeping focused is paramount to any type of training, and not just abdominal training.

Eat healthy, train right, and keep focused for a ripped abdomen.

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