Eating Weight Loss in Dubai

5 Ways To Drop A Few Pounds And Get Into Better Shape Without Even Trying

Normally, you’re told that losing weight takes a lot of discipline and sweat, but even if you’re not consistently visiting the gym, it’s still possible to drop some pounds without even trying so hard.
However, it also important to note that if you’re trying to lose a lot of weight, then you definitely need to hit the gym, but if you’re just trying to get into shape, probably for an upcoming event, then these simple tricks are ideal for you.
Here are 5 easy things you could do to lose weight, without even trying:

1. Always Stay Hydrated

Your metabolism can be said to be the machine in your body that helps you burn calories and without burning calories, you can’t lose weight. So it is important that you keep your metabolism in check at all times.

One of the best ways to make sure your metabolism engine keeps running is by fueling it with water. Sometimes, people tend to mistake the feeling of thirst for hunger, and that could lead to them overeating. So make sure to carry a bottle of water with you around.

2. Never Skip Breakfast And Always Select The Right Meals For Breakfast

One major mistake that people make is skipping breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Throughout the night, your body’s metabolic rate has been greatly reduced, and so it’s important that you kick it off each morning by eating something.
It is also important that you carefully choose your daily breakfast meals. Try having foods high in fiber and protein (oatmeal, avocado, protein shakes, etc.) and always opt for green tea instead of coffee.

3. Don’t wait till you’re hungry

The normal thing to do is to eat whenever you feel a sensation of hunger right? Well, sometimes normal isn’t always ideal. If you’re looking to lose some pounds, try not to wait until you’re hungry before eating. The tendency of you overeating when you’re hungry is very high, so it’s preferable to just have your meals at the appropriate meal time.
One other important trick to avoid overeating, which works for so many people, is to eat very slowly. So instead of spending just 15 minutes eating lunch, spend 30 minutes. It’s totally worth the time.

4. Eat a Light, Early Dinner

What you eat for dinner is very important towards your weight loss. Make sure to eat foods that are relatively low in calories. Eat foods that can easily digest. Foods very high in carbs and protein should be in minute proportions on your plate or bowl. Instead, have a larger portion of vegetables, nuts and fruits.
It is also important to take into consideration the time at which you have your dinner. Make sure you have your dinner at least 3 hours before going to bed.

5. Have healthy snacks around

healthy snacks
You are human and so you’re definitely going to have cravings sooner or later. It is therefore, important that you always keep healthy snacks around, so that when you have these cravings, you won’t be tempted to go for junk foods. Foods like yoghurts, nuts (almonds, walnuts, peanuts, etc.) and fruits are ideal snacks that you need to have around.
Clear out all the junk foods you have in your fridge and replace them with these healthy snacks.


When it comes to losing weight, discipline and consistency are key. So before you start a weight loss program, make sure you’re ready to see it through by all means. If not, it’ll just be a waste of your time.

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