5 Reasons You Need to Drink More Water

Water is very important for your health. You’ve mostly likely heard the common reasons why you must always stay hydrated such as, water helps regulate your body temperature, helps remove waste and helps transport nutrients. If these reasons haven’t convinced you enough to carry a water bottle around. Here are even more reasons why you need to drink more water:

1. Water can help deal with bad breath

bad breath
Having a bad breath can be really embarrassing. There are certain things that can cause a bad breath, but one of the major reason is a lack of normal saliva production. Even mild dehydration can lead to the reduced flow of saliva. So if your bad breath is accompanied by a dry mouth, drinking more water throughout the day can help in that aspect.

2. Water can help in weight loss

weight loss
Your metabolism can be described as a machine in your body that helps you burn calories. And in other to lose weight, you need to burn as much calories as possible. Now water helps make sure that your metabolism is in check, thereby helping you burn up more calories. A research done on people with obesity found that adult dieters who drank a bottle of water before each meal for 12 weeks lost more weight than the dieters who didn’t drink the water beforehand.

3. Keeps your brain sharp

According to studies, it has been discovered that water helps keep us from feeling foggy. During the research, participants who were just slightly dehydrated took a longer time for subjects to answer questions correctly. It was concluded that slight dehydration can decrease alertness, reaction time, short-term memory, and attention, and can increase fatigue. So to make sure you’re on the top of your game, always stay hydrated.

4. Improves your mood

A research was done on water and how it affects your mood. During the research, a group of subjects approximately 20 years old were split into two groups. One group worked out without water, while the other worked out with water. At the end, the researchers assessed their moods. It was found that a lack of hydration was associated with tiredness, confusion and an overall negative mood.
Even if you don’t work out regularly, still make sure to drink enough water because it’ll help put you in a good mood.

5. Having adequate water will stop you from overeating

One thing you most definitely need to understand is that the feeling of being thirsty can often be confused for that of being hungry. This why most people overeat. They can easily grab a snack instead of a glass of water, and due to the fact that you’re thirsty and not hungry, eating won’t satisfy you, which may lead you to eat even more. So staying hydrated all the time can help you in dealing with your overeating problems.

These are just some of the benefits of drinking more water. Staying hydrated has also been linked over the years to help lower the risk of kidney diseases.
Live a healthy lifestyle of drinking more water today.

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