5 Reasons Why Stretching Is Good For You

It is quite easy to get carried away when training. How many people actually take out time to stretch before and after workout sessions? Very few.

Perhaps this is because of the haste to get down to business and build muscles, or to lose fat. However, it is to your own benefit to note that stretching is important for various reasons. In fact, stretching isn’t just something that should be done before or after training. It should be done at any given opportunity- when you wake up, during break at the office, whilst waiting for the bus or even in class.

You’re constantly doing things that can stiffen up your muscles and give you cramps or injuries. Stretching is important and this article tells you five reasons why you should stretch daily.

1. It helps you keep calm


Stretching helps your muscles relax and when your muscles are relaxed, you are also bound to feel relaxed. That is the point behind yoga. The constant contracting and lengthening of the muscles helps you keep calm. So stretch and keep calm.

2. Prepares the body for strain


You are going to strain your muscles when you train and invariably feel pain. Stretching helps prepare you for this by allowing the body to warm up and promote blood flow to the muscles. When this happens, oxygen supply is increased to the body including nutrients to keep the body going during the workout session.

3. Builds and develops muscle

build body

If your desire is to lift weights, develop a stunning abdominal core or anything of that sort, you should also desire to stretch your muscles. Stretching frees up your muscles and allows you to have more fluid and correct motions. Have you ever been lifting weights and noticed stiffness or uncoordinated motions? This can be highly attributed to not stretching before starting your workout session.

4. Reduces risk of injuries


Previously mentioned at the beginning of the article. Stretching ensures that the body is mobile and flexible, ready to contract and expand. And when your muscles are flexible, they are less vulnerable to tearing which is the main cause of injuries. Stretching also promotes fast recovery but it should not only be done before you work-out but even after, and at other times. During exercise, chemicals called toxins are created. When you stretch after an exercise, these toxins move into the bloodstream and out of the muscles. Why is this good? Well, it is because it allows you wake up the next day, without feeling like your bones were tied.

5. It makes you feel good

feel good

Everyone likes to be and feel free, and stretching can literally give you that feeling. Stretching increases your flexibility and allows you do more activities you otherwise wouldn’t have attempted.



Stretching is good for you for many reasons. Don’t neglect it. It could be the only thing standing between you and the prospective injury or new technique or position you wish to try.

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