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4 Exercises Ideal For Back Pain Relief

In Adult, back pain happens to be the second most common neurological ailment besides headaches. This is rampant in our world today, mainly because of the nature of our jobs. Back pains can be really disturbing and annoying sometimes and most times, pain killers won’t really help out.

However, there are certain exercises you could do that’ll help strengthen and stretch your muscles, which in turn can help relief back pain.

Hamstring Muscle Stretch.

Hamstring stretching

Strengthening and stretching the hamstring muscles helps to achieve strong thighs and improve physical abilities. Keeping it tight and stiff results leads to injuries. It also helps to stretch the muscles around the back region.

Lie on your back and bend one knee. Loop a towel under the ball of your foot. Straighten your leg and pull on the towel. If the lower back feels strained, bend the other knee and place the foot on the round.

Hold it there for at least 15-30 minutes. Do 2-3 times on each leg.

Push Up Back Extensions.

push up back

Lie on your stomach with your hands under your shoulders or put your elbows on the floor directly under the shoulders – whichever you find more comfortable. Then press your pubic bone forward until you feel sensations in your lower back. make sure to breath throughout the process and hold on that position for few seconds.

Wall Sits

wall sit

Stand about 10 inch away from the wall and lean back until your back is flat against the wall. Now slide down bending your knees slightly until it looks like you’re sitting, and press your lower back on the wall. Hold that position for more than 10 seconds at least or even one minute if possible. Repeat few or several times, depending on how many more times you can go.



This exercise is best to be done without arching your back when moving your hips forward in order to prevent injury.

Lie on your back with your hands lying straight besides your body and your knees bend leaving only the heels on the ground. Now push your heels into the floor and squeeze your butt. Lift your hips off the ground until hips, shoulder and knees are on a straight line and then slowly lower your hips back to the ground and repeat the same movements for at least 45 seconds.

Knee to chest. Lie on your back with feet bent and flat on the floor, bring up one knee to your chest and the other still bent and flat on the floor. Now keep your back pressed to the floor and hold for about 30 seconds. Lower your knee and repeat with the other leg.



These are all simple exercises that you could highly benefit from. But you must remember that consistency is key. Try these exercise twice a day and within weeks, be sure to see a significant positive change.

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