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5 Innovative Ways to Get Rid of Obesity in Women

Obesity is one of the most common health problems plaguing modern day women. The causes of obesity are either genetic, poor dietary choices and physical inactivity or a symptom of a more severe illness.

It is your job as a citizen of your body to listen to it and be able to tell (with the help of your doctor), what the cause for your obesity is. In this article, we’ll be tackling the most common causes of obesity in women which is poor diet and physical inactivity.

Here are some tested and proven ways by which you can deal with obesity.

1. Necessary Information

The most important step after understanding what caused your obesity is not to try to become a ”stereotype” for “good health” by aspiring to look like the photo shopped women on magazine covers, but rather, aspire to become the healthiest you can be by changing your diet and taking up a reasonable workout regimen such as jogging, yoga, floor­work pilates or even swimming; whatever you are most comfortable with at the beginning stages. And remember that it should not be a workout that will discourage you for you will surely revert to your bad habits very quick and chances are, you will become even more overweight!

2. Eat Right And Workout Regularly

Natural weight loss via proper diet and exercise is the oldest and safest way to lose weight but some people might need more drastic measures such as gastric bypass or banding to cause an immediate and drastic weight loss to save their lives. These individuals have a higher risk of sudden heart attack or failure, stroke and or possible multiple organ failure.

3. Fuel Your Body

Another one of the innovative ways for women to get rid of obesity is, to take a multivitamin tablet daily. One of the reasons for overeating is not because of “traditional” hungry, but rather, insufficient amount of a vitamin or mineral in the body thereby causing the body to want more. The daily intake of a multivitamin tablet as a compliment to a good diet will prevent this from happening.

4. Counselling 

Talking to a psychologist can be of great help also especially for those whose reasons for overeating is purely emotional. Counseling can aid such women to see the warning signs so they may watch out for them and not put themselves in situations that would act as a catalyst for their emotional eating.

5. Dietary Substitution 

Lastly, the total omission of certain foods from ones diet and replaced with healthier versions, is if an intolerance that has been discovered to help drop calories more efficiently. For some it could be simple carbs, certain types of meats or even certain plants.



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