5 Important Benefits Of Walking

Walking due to its nature, might not be really considered as an effective exercise by so many people. However, it’ll be of your own benefit if you begin to change that mindset right now because walking has a lot of benefits that you’ve probably never thought about or considered.

So many researches have been done on this topic and we’ve gathered together 5 top important benefits of walking that we believe you deserve to know and here they are.


1.Walking improves blood  circulation

It has been proven that walking raises the heart rate, lowers blood pressure and strengthens the heart. One particular research showed that women that walk on a regular basis have less fat on their body than women who don’t walk. Walking also lowers the risk of blood clots, since the calf acts as a venous pump. The venous pump contracts and pumps blood from the feet and legs and then back to the heart. This is very good as it reduces the load on the heart and ultimately improves cardiovascular health (fitness of the heart).

2.Walking yields longer life span

Huge amounts of money have invested in so many researches on life spans and the walking has always come out as one of the exercises that yields a longer life span. In fact a particular research showed that adults in their fifties to sixties who walked daily, had a 35% higher likelihood of living 8 years longer than their peers who don’t walk at all.

3.Walking improves your mood

It is generally knowledge that exercising regularly helps improve your mood thereby, reducing your stress levels. Walking in particular has to impact to that regard. Research has shown that adults who walk daily always tend to have lower stress levels when compared to others. So you can practically walk away from stress, and stay happy just by walking.

4.Walking strengthens the muscles

It’s a misconception that you can only strengthen your muscles in the gym. Walking can help in building your leg and abdominal muscles, and even your arm muscles if you pump them while walking.

5.Walking improves breath rate

This exercise not only help improve your blood circulation but also helps improve your respiratory system. While walking, breathing rate increases and this causes oxygen to travel faster through the bloodstream.


There you go! Five more reasons why you need to walk more often. So get your gym shoes and get to work or (walk).

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