3 Major Skin and Healthy Benefits That Will Make You Want To Visit The Beach More Often

Most people like going to the beach. The feel of sand on our feet, the sound of the breeze in our ears…and just the freedom of the open space. It’s soothing and people go there to just revitalize and charge there batteries. What you however might not have known, is that the beach just isn’t fun, it’s also has a lot of health benefits to offer.

Here are some of the health benefits of going to the beach you probably didn’t know about:

1. Exfoliant


It feels good to walk barefoot in the sand at the beach? That’s because approximately 3,000 to 7,000 nerve endings in each foot  are awaken when you walk on the tiny grains of the sand. Wet sand especially, is known to be a good natural exfoliant therapy for your feet as it peels of the dead cells on the skin of your feet leaving them feeling soft and smooth. Yes, that’s why you get that feeling after you leave the beach. Exfoliation should not be viewed as pampering yourself but more about wanting a healthier skin. Did you know that your body excretes around 50,000 skin cells every single minute? Some of these skin cells keep clinging on to your body which makes you appear to have dry skin and can even be a source of blackheads or others. Exfoliation prevents all of this.

2. Keeps you active


The beach is one of the best places to hangout with friends and loved ones. It’s also a fun place to to exercise without really being aware of it. Most people go to the beach for a long walk or swimming which burns calories. Walking on the beach is way better than walking in your neighborhood, as the sand you’re walking on at the beach shift whenever you step on it, allowing you to use muscles that you don’t use with your shoes on. Also, swimming is a low impact exercise and improves the agility of your body and burns calories effectively.

3. Healthy air for you


Sea air is packed with negative ions which is a good way to boost your immune system, balance the level of your seratonin – a body chemical the helps reduce your stress levels and improve your mood. And that in turn makes sleep a lot better. The beach is offering us more quality air.


So basically, the beach is a free spa that doesn’t ask of nothing of you but to visit. And let’s not forget about the sun gives enough calcium and makes our bones healthier (something the vitamin D in that milk you’re drinking cannot match).

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