5 Health Benefits of Playing Tennis

Mostly, the health benefits of playing this sport are seldom noticeable when compared to more intense sports like running, swimming, etc.

However, this is because most people are ignorant of the fact that playing tennis for just an hour can burn up to 600 calories making it just as effective as jogging or indoor cycling.


Read on to discover 5 amazing health benefits of playing tennis.

#1. Cardiovascular:


The quick anaerobic movements intrinsically involved in this sport ensure that fat is burnt, increases the heart rate and promotes higher energy levels in the body.

These aid in improving and strengthening the cardiovascular state of the body which in turn also lower risks of heart disease and stroke.

#2. Muscle development:

Muscle development

Tennis helps in providing incredible strength in the muscles, particularly the legs and arms.

Tennis requires a lot of side to side movement at different speeds which test a variety of leg muscles. Moreover, the inherent swinging of the arm significantly improves forearm strength, back muscles, and core.

#3. Coordination:


repetitively playing tennis helps you develop good motor skills required in ball striking, measuring distance and personnel coordination.

Tennis challenges your balance, speed, footwork, hand-eye coordination through a variety of techniques and motions. These transcend past the court and even help other aspects of your life.

#4. Brain Development:

brain development

The sport is intrinsically based on geometry and physics and helps with tactical thinking almost like a game of chess.  As a large part of playing tennis involves being alert and tactical in thinking to develop shot patterns, tennis constantly helps the brain develop new connections between nerves in the brain.

#5. Self-Esteem:

self esteem


Playing tennis like any other challenging sport helps you stay motivated and overcome obstacles that you may encounter in your personal life. One research focused on the psychological benefits of tennis among players and non-athletes showed tennis players scored higher on self-esteem and optimism ahead of factors such as anxiety and confusion.

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