5 Habits of People Living A Healthy Lifestyle

The positive impact good lifestyle habits have on our lives can never be over-emphasized. It can dramatically affect the quality of our lives. Benefits ranging from health, social, psychological, emotional etc. And its the small choices you make daily (like choosing water over soda or to eat that salad for lunch instead of fast food) that add up to your healthy lifestyle. However, these decisions are not easily made, so we are left in awe of the people who make those decisions so easily and live flawlessly healthy lifestyles. How do they do it? You’re about to find out.


Habit 1. They do not eat through their Emotions.

We don’t always eat to satisfy physical hunger, sometimes its emotional hunger, to relieve stress, for comfort or even to reward ourselves. We also tend to eat when we’re bored, lonely, exhausted, angry or upset. Either way, Emotional eating results in overeating and is one of the primary causes of the high rate of obesity and being overweight in the world today. People living healthy lifestyles avoid doing this and seek other means of relieving their emotions (for example going for a run to relieve stress or do interesting/fun activities to avoid feeling bored). Emotional eating does not fix emotional problems. If anything, it makes it worse because we end up feeling guilty of overeating.

The first step to tackling your emotional eating problem is to identify what triggers it then you find other ways to manage your emotions without food.

Habit 2. Physical Activity.

A healthy lifestyle includes at least an hour of exercise, three times a week. Exercise is the most important aspect when it comes to healthy living. It benefits mentally, physically and emotionally. Basically giving you a chance to unwind in sense of the word. Health risks associated with lack of physical activity include heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes and even obesity.

Habit 3. They drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

Healthy people keep themselves hydrated. Minimum of eight glasses a day, it’s recommended by the doctors. Water controls the calories, keep the muscles energized, freshens up the skin and does a whole lot of other stuff on the inside. So drink more H2O!

Habit 4. Have balanced Diets.

The nutrients we acquire from the foods we eat helps us repair, develop or replace cells and tissues. Also they keep our metabolism running, fight infections, produce energy and zillions of other functions. There are essential nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fat, vitamin A, B, C etc) that the body needs to go through all these vital processes so if the right foods(which contain those micro-nutrients) are not consumed then the body does not function properly which would result in poor health. A healthy balanced diet provides the right amount and combination of all these micro nutrients for an overall well functioning body and healthier and happier lifestyle.

Habit 5. They have alone time.

Alone time is healthy. Being around people all the time can be pretty draining. It’s good to make up some time for yourself and ‘recharge’. To unwind, mentally and have some temporary relief from all the craziness. This boosts your creativity and productivity, clears your mind, helping you see situations from fresher perspectives and results in better interaction. It’s actually one of the best ways to deal with a stress.


Now you know a few important habits that make up a healthy lifestyle. Will you adopt them?

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