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5 foods that help you lose belly fats

The issue of belly fats has become a growing source of concern for many which has seen them resolve to some not so pleasing resolutions. In weight loss, it’s not all about the exercises and the banning of foods but adding foods also count.Nonetheless, following the growing intrest people have seemingly developed in their quest to belly fats reduction, we have come up with some foods you can eat that would shread those mid dewlling fats.

1. Fish


Fishes are probably the best form of protien to engulf in order to lose belly fats. Unlike cabohydrates and fats, protiens makes needs more calories in order to be sucessfully broken down and hence losen up excess fats around the body.Protien contains substances that decrease cravings significantly therefore leading to less food intake on a daily basis and it also contains omega­3s that helps deal with chemicals that are secreted due to stress—which are contributors to belly fat­­.

2. Low Fat Diary Products

dairy products

Ranging from your milk to your yogurt, they are all enriched with calcium which does not only help for strong bones and teeth, but hinders the formation of fasts and breaks it down as well. Try as much to get low fat milks with high calcium instead of it full creamed alternative.Study has shown that these milk consumption plays a pivotal role in helping one to have a good night’s sleep.

3. Fibre Enriched Meals


Fibre just has a way of stuffing your stomanch and quenching hunger for quite a long period of time with foods like Avocado leading the way. This meals slow down digestion process and therefore give a long feel of a full belly.Researcher have deduced that inclusion of soluble fibre to your diet significntly reduces the amount of fats in our abdomen.

4. Nuts And Its Likes


Go nuts with your nuts to get a quicker result in your belly fat reduction strategy. Its not magic, all it takes is to eat the nut(which is a high source of magnesium) to keep your stomach stuffed up for quite a long peroid of time.This magnesium also has the helps reduce the cravings of carbohydrates we normally undergo and help you sleep better and longer.

5. Berries and Cherries


Apart from them being small and insainly tasty, these little beauties do play a good role in helping you losen up some of those abdominal fats. Whilst berries are enriched with fibres that full up your stomach with just little intake, cherries on the other hand contain large amounts of melatonin which would help for a n effect eye­shut and prevent cancer by protecting cells from radical damage.You could eat them whole or squeze the juice out of them and they would still give you the same desired outcome.


If you find it hard to get your trainers on and run round the neighbourhood but still need to lose wieght then you should definitely try eating these foods above to keep you in shape and lose them harmful stomach fats.

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