4 Great Stretches For Tight Hip Flexors

The hip flexors aids in the lifting of knees towards the chest, allows you to bend forward from your hips, and moves the legs front to back and sideways. The hip flexors are characterised by a group of muscles which include: ilopsoas muscle, the thigh muscles (rectus femoris, Sartorius, and tensor fascia latae), and the inner thigh muscles (adductor longus and brevis, pectineus, and gracilis).

Tight or stiff hip flexors are common with those that sit down for very long hours, and many of us fall victim of this, because of the nature of our jobs. However, if you fall into this category, there is a lot you can do to get your hips nice and flexible again.

Below are some hip flexors stretches that will help to improve the flexibility of your hips

1. Seated butterfly stretch

Butterfly stretch

The seated butterfly stretch works on the inner thighs, hips, and lower back. To do this, sit on the floor, with your back straight and shoulders down. Tighten your abs, and put the soles of your feet together in front of you whilst you bend your knees to the sides. Then, pull your heels towards you, and try relaxing knees towards the floor. Inhale deeply, and hold for about 30 seconds before repeating the process.

2. The reclined bound angle pose

angle pose

This specifically helps to stretch the groin and inner thighs, and also expands the chest. Sit on the floor with back straight; ensure you don’t arch your back and keep your head straight. Pull your feet closely together and stretch your arms; making sure your palms rests calmly on your feet. Inhale, and try to stretch. Remain in this position for some seconds, and repeat.

3. Advanced IT band stretch

IT stretch

This pose is an advanced stretch, and should be done consciously. It helps effectively to lengthen the hip flexors on the back leg. Start off with a plank position, on your hands and toes. Lift your right foot off the floor, and slide your right knee forward, toward your left hand. This will make your knee and outer ankle rest on the floor. Slide your left leg as far as you can and ensure you have your hips square to the floor and level. As you hold the stretch, try to breathe steadily and push your hips towards the floor. As you do this, make sure you keep your back long, shoulders down, and chest lifted. Hold this position for some seconds, before alternating sides

4. Bridges

bridge sretch

The bridges works mainly on the spine of the body. Lie on the floor, face up, with arms at sides. Keep your feet on the floor, whilst your knees are bent. Then, push force on your heels. Exhale; slowly lift up your hips towards the ceiling, and tighten the muscles of your buttocks as you do this. Then, inhale and return to the starting position. You can do this as many times as possible and ensure that your buttocks doesn’t touch the ground while you return to the floor.



It is very important to note that the exercises mentioned above, involved contracting of the muscles associated with them. This, however, can be a problem for some people. If you fall into this category, it’s best you limit how much stretching exercises you do daily and key into moderation.

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