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The Top 5 Amazing Anti-inflammatory Foods

Because of the rich nutrient and fiber content in fruits and vegetables, these foods help to combat chronic inflammation in the body. Tremendous anti-inflammatory foods and vegetables like apples, broccoli, berries, mushrooms, papaya, pineapples, and spinach, should be included in your meal plan on a daily basis.

The more you eat these foods, the less inflammation you are likely to experience. Specifically, these types of foods and nutrients can help fight inflammation in the body:

Fruits and vegetables

fruits and vege

Due to their rich nutrient and fiber content, fruits and vegetables help to combat chronic inflammation, so be sure to include enough amount of these foods daily.

Whole grains


Whole grains are rich in fiber and help control the response of insulin in your body. Whole grains are also high in vitamin B, which helps reduce the amounts of homocystine (inflammatory hormone) in the body.



Always stay hydrated. It is essential to flush out toxins caused by inflammation in the body. Aim for 64 oz of water per day, and an additional 8 oz, every 30 minutes of exercise.



Spices like ginger, garlic, cinnamon, turmeric and chilli pepper among others have anti-inflammation capabilities, so you should try to find innovative ways to include them in your meals as often as possible.

Mono-unsaturated fats

Mono-unsaturated fats are healthy fats that help raise your high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (good cholesterol) level and overall, reduces inflammation. Olive oil, almonds, and avocado are great sources of mono-unsaturated fats.

Finally, green tea is a mild beverage that is great for shrinking your waistline and decreasing inflammation, so you could substitute your regular morning cup of coffee, for a cup of green tea instead.


These foods are healthy and could help prevent inflammation and soreness after exercise, which is something that will help you exercise better and more intensely. You can eat these foods in a variety of ways or even choose to combine them into one meal. Whichever you choose, just don’t miss out on the amazing anti-inflammatory properties of these 5 types of foods and nutrients.

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