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5 Essential Ways To Keep Your Body Toned

Packing fat on your body is definitely unpleasant and is becoming more of a recurring issue today. Even if you’re not obese, you most probably want to have a lean and muscular body.

Don’t be discouraged if you haven’t achieved this yet, no one lost body fat in a day, and you won’t either. However, if you have the right focus and determination, you will have lost more pounds than you can weigh soon enough.

This article shows 5 effective ways to achieve this.

1. Watch your diet


It is a misconception to think that all you need to lose fat is to work out every day and leave it there. You’ll be going through a frustrating cycle if you keep eating the same junk that made you fat in the first place while training.

Don’t despair and begin to feel you’ve wasted your time. Training will generally make you fitter and better your health. It will allow you to do more strenuous activities for longer periods of time and even do the ones you couldn’t before.

The most part of fat loss training is to burn calories, but this isn’t enough. Calories will get burnt either way, whether you train or not. So what’s the point here? It’s not all about your training!

The better foods to eat will be lean protein, nuts, fruits, and vegetables, above high carb foods like donuts, white rice, white bread, etc.

2. Focus on your Performance


Mostly, the norm for you if you’re trying to lose fat is to focus on your fat loss; how many calories you ate or lost? How many pounds you lost? How much more fruits you need before you sleep?. All that could be useful, but if you’re focus is totally geared towards just these, you will lose your ultimate focus, which should be on the quality of your performance.

You need to challenge yourself to perform better daily. Your goals should be such as these, how many more miles can I run? How about an extra 5kg on my dumbbell today? Etc. Anything that will help you challenge your current performance so you can improve will be a better focus for you.

3. Eat more fiber

.Eat more fiber

This macro-nutrients aids the digestive system. It allows food digest faster and not accumulate into fat. Fiber can be found in many food substances, such as fruits. Research has shown that people who consume higher amounts of fiber have lower likelihoods of inflammatory diseases. Fiber also has the benefit of making you feel full faster so you don’t always feel the urge to snack on junk.

4.Eat frequently, but not excessively

Eat frequently

Eating regularly in smaller bits is better than eating large chunks at once. This is because the body has increased metabolism due to the body recognizing energy input on a regular basis.

Another benefit of eating this way is the regulation of processes in the body such as the moderation of insulin levels. When you eat smaller meals, insulin doesn’t get signals to be released because your blood sugar rate is kept constant.

However, central to this is that you shouldn’t over do this frequent eating. Don’t eat twenty times a day. This will have a knock on effect and possibly make you sick.

5. Have a plan


It’s probably useless to know all these tips if you don’t follow them and devise a plan to achieve your goal using them. You need to keep focused. You can’t follow a plan for a short period of time and go back to your old ways.


The fact is that, it is easier to put on weight than to lose it. So it’s very important that you follow your workout plan to the best of your abilities.

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