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5 Effective Stretches For Runners

Hardly will you find anyone that wants to keep fit, without stretching exercises in his or her routines. Stretching exercises help to improve the strength of the muscles in the body and also allows a smooth flow of blood. There are so many benefits to stretching exercises. In terms of running, stretching is one of those things that will make you a better runner, if you are consistent.

Running controls a lot of muscles in the body, especially muscles of the lower body: the calves, hips, hamstrings, and squads. It also makes the legs strong, toned, and tight. All these effects on the muscles can result in scar tissue, muscle stiffness, tension, slowing you down, inviting common injuries, etc.

Below are 5 effective stretches you should know as a runner

1. Pigeon Pose

pigeon pose

The pigeon pose is a very beneficial yoga exercise that stretches the thigh, groin, and back, and also help to increase mobility in the hips.

Sit on the floor or preferably, an exercise mat. Bring one of your knees forward between your hands, whilst your other leg is stretched out backward. Walk hands out in front of your body to your elbows till they are fully on the ground, allowing your torso to rest on your knee. Remain in this position for about 5 to 10 minutes.

2. Leg Swings

leg swing

Leg swings work effectively on the muscles of the legs, and also help to boost speed while running. First, hold on to a heavy object, like a table for example. Stand on one leg, and swing the other leg backward and forward repeatedly. You can also swing the same leg sideways repeatedly. That done, you can alternate legs and continue for as long as you can

3. Standing Calf

Standing calf

The standing calf exercise focuses on the calf muscles, which are important muscles involved in running. It especially focuses on the larger outermost muscle that gives the calves its shape and size.

Stand facing the wall, with both hands on the wall at the chest level. Place the right foot’s ball against the wall, so that heel touches the floor. Then, lean into the wall slowly, till your calves get stretched and the legs are kept straightened.

4. Standing squads

Standing squad

Standing squads gives extra stretch to the legs.

Stand with your legs together. Then, bend your left leg, whilst you bring your heel toward your butt, and hold firm your left foot with your left hand. Hold this pose for some seconds before alternating sides.

5. Quadriceps stretch

Quadriceps stretch

The quadriceps stretch works effectively on the quadriceps muscle and helps to strengthen them. Lie on the floor with your face towards the ground, and make sure your legs are on the ground and parallel to each other. Then, grab your right foot with your right hand, whilst your thighs are still aligned together. Take in a deep breath, and remain in the position for some seconds, then repeat for the other side.


If you are an ardent runner and you want to get better in what you do, stretching exercises are recommended and they should be done consistently for a more effective result.

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